Adventures In Cornwall: Falmouth

On my little trip to Cornwall, The first University interview I attended was in Falmouth, which meant I had some time in that area to look around. The town itself was a lot smaller than I thought, and to me, didn’t seem to have any obvious centre. But it has very picturesque beaches, and the surroundings are equally pretty, and that are several things to do.

Glendurgan Gardens

I’ve been to this National Trust place before, last time I was in Cornwall, and it’s very beautiful. The main attraction is of course the maze, and it’s a pretty good one at that. It was a strange time of year to see the gardens, as the plants think it’s spring time, but it’s still bitterly cold and wintry, so there were blooming rhododendron next to trees with no leaves at all.


Falmouth Beach

The beach was beautiful in this sunset and you can see Pendennis castle on the hill.



Hope you enjoyed my photos once again,


Jasmine x


4 thoughts on “Adventures In Cornwall: Falmouth

    • yeah it would be nice to live there, but I agree haha. I currently live in an even smaller boring town though… I think it’s looking likely I’ll be going to london! x


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