A New Window Opens…


Cool title Jasmine… real cool…

I’ve got a new phone and it’s a windows phone. No I have not jumped in on the apple craze, mainly because I don’t like the way the phone works, and it’s way out of my price range. I was really attracted to the Microsoft phone because it has such a simple user experience (and I’m a lot in love with the interface). You can customize the homescreen as to the colour (lilac for me of course) and where everything is and how large the icons are – which as a designer I absolutely revel in! I’ve got most of my social links at the top, with easy access to my alarm. Then the camera nice and large as I use it a lot (not for selfies I swear), and picture viewer next to it, with the music player as well (I love my music). The note-taking app is something I use a lot as I always have several ideas throughout the day which I need to write down, and I am a massive lover of lists – I literally make lists of lists… It’s also very useful to combine these tasks with my calender, so I can try to keep organised. I think as a tool, this phone is very useful, as you can pare it down to what you really need without all the distractions! A very important part of my phone is the internet, so a lovely big button down the bottom, with some more specific site links (lookbook, blog, pinterest, iplayer) underneath when you scroll down.

Yeah, so not much else to say on the subject, just gaze at my beautiful phone…




It’s also helpful for reminders (like packing for New York tomorrow)


I’d also like to mention the fact I’m going to New York TOMORROW… well I won’t get there until the next day, but I’m getting the plane in the middle of the night (8 hours guys!) Anyway, I’m sooooo excited.


Love Jasmine x


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