New York : Day 1

Hello again! remember me? I wouldn’t be annoyed if you don’t, as I have been absent from the internet for a little while. You’ve obviously now found out (by the title and if you’ve read my last posts) that I’ve been in …. NEW YORK. And that’s so exciting to say that I’ve been there (almost more than being there itself haha). Anyway, without further ado I will tell the story of my trip through photography and things I found interesting. Enjoy!

One of the first things I noticed about New York is the amount of yellow taxis. I mean, I knew it is a very iconic symbol, but there were literally loads of yellow taxis. As soon as I got out of the airport I was greeted by taxis, every morning when leaving the hotel I was greeted by this view (below) – including hordes of taxis!

My first Impression of New York itself, was ‘oh, is this it?’… because I had been expecting glitz and glamour, and probably it to be a lot bigger. I soon realised on my trip however, that it was much more real, much more like a cultural city, where you just trip over landmarks because of the scale of the island. It was all so real! And I loved this realisation. I soon became very used to living in the city, and definitely didn’t want to leave when I did.


On the first evening we were all a bit tired from the really long flight, so we decided to have a stroll through the streets to times square, which wasn’t far away from were we were staying. We ended up stumbling into the square without realising, then suddenly saw the iconic strip of lit up billboards in front, and it dawned on us we were surrounded by them. It was quite a magical experience (even though it was raining and miserably cold!)


The colours were great, lots of blues and purples and reds, contrasting with the yellow of the taxis. (I spy a hersheys sign!)


There were these water hydrants everywhere over the city. It’s these little details that are different to the UK that you notice. Also things like the crossing the road signs were different and make you think ‘oh wow I’m in america!’.


We continued walking through the city, and it was very rainy so we stopped off to have a coffee, determinedly NOT going in Starbucks (shun consumerism), but stealing their wifi! When we came out there was a congregation of firetrucks with all their lights and sirens, which I stopped to photograph… I mean, someone could have been dying, but I just liked the pretty lights…

Also, we saw the Coco-cola van!


I also edited a few of my photos with a sepia tone, just because!



I will be sharing the other days of my trip over the next couple of weeks, and I hope you enjoy my photos and memories!


Jasmine x



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