Officially Spring

Is it just me or has Easter come really quickly? I always love the period of time between seasons, when they beautifully merge into the next, especially for spring, when the weather brightens up, you can smell the freshness, and hear the birds (see last years post). You’re always quite hesitant to say that it’s spring as you know as soon as you do the British weather will laugh at you and give you a hailstorm the following day. However when Easter comes along, it’s officially spring. As this year Easter is so early, it feels like I’ve been rushed into spring against my will, like someone’s flicked the switch between winter and spring with no gradual change that allows me to enjoy the moment. Easter crept up on me and shocked me with it’s pastel colours and spring chicks and pleasant mild weather…

Having said all this, now it’s ‘officially’ spring, I’m loving it, and always do, I would say that spring is my second favourite season (after autumn of course). Easter in our house is always pretty, so I’d like to share a few photos with you.

You can’t have Easter without daffodils, and these are a wonderful selection of different varieties. I love to think about what little fairies would look like with these as skirts!


Chocolate also seems to be an essential part of Easter of course! My mum is so sweet and gave us all jars full of chocolate, mine including my current favourites of doubledecker bars, and Hersheys cookies ‘n’ cream chocolate (a love found in New York), and of course, the obligatory chocolate eggs. I’d also like to take a moment to be nostalgic and point out that my Rolo chocolate egg had LOOSE Rolos inside it – that’s right, they didn’t have a packet and they weren’t just in the box, they were inside the egg like they used to be and how they should be! (If you’re confused about what I’m going on about then you’re obviously too young)

May I also just point out this pretty ribbon that my mum found from a sewing shops offcuts. The colours are so pretty and it looks so vintage!


Easter wouldn’t be the same without a few of those mini fluffy chicks, but this year it was just ridiculous. I’m talking a mountain of chicks…


Aaaaand this year we found some multicoloured chicks! seriously, how sweet is the little lilac one!


A game of hunt the chick went a little too far when they got put in the daffodils…


I hope you all had a good Easter, and are enjoying this lovely springtime,

Peace and love,

Jasmine x


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