Pretty Beads and Wooden Things : Craft Haul

When it comes to crafting supplies, I feel like you can never have enough! However whenever I go into any arts or crafts shop it feels too much of a plunge to just buy it by impulse, so I make a mental list of all the things I want to get, then if I still want them and feel I need them in a few weeks I go back and buy them all! This method makes for quite an expensive trip, but I get lots of lovely stuff that I definitely NEED. There’s something nice about not caring about spending money to buy beautiful things. I wanted to share with you some stuff that I got recently because it was a very large haul, and thought would make an interesting post.

Lets start with the pretty beads and other jewellery making things.


I make a lot of jewellery with prerry beads and wire and clay, and have done for several years. I’m actually really shocked haven’t shared any of my pieces on this blog, although I think a few have made their way into outfit posts. More than anything i like to collect materials to make my jewellery, even if I don’t use it for a while or ever, there’s just something appealing about copper wire i can’t resist…

These beads are so gorgeous so I just had to buy them. They’re like little sweets that make you want to either stare at them or put them in your mouth… One of those things being preferable for jewellery! Beads are always so useful for making your own jewellery, because they speak for themselves, you just effectively have to give them a home on a chain.


These little spikey beads came in a packet for less than two pounds, which for glass beads is very reasonable. I immediately thought of those potential as necklaces and how cute that would be. Upon further inspection I saw what beautiful colours they were and fell in love.


Near where I live is an adorable shop that sells simply beads and jewellery fixtures. It is like a kind of heaven for me! There ate bowls of beads everywhere with different types and strings of beads hung round the walls. I picked up a few statement beads that are destined to become necklaces, and I absolutely loved them. The main thing was the lovely and intense colours (I’m your colour girl) but also that they’re different materials, mainly gemstones and those big ones are resin. Of course I liked to think of them as planets with their swirled patterns and different sizes so I laid them out like a solar system…


I can’t wait to create with these beads, I’m thinking simple pendants on delicate chains and dramatic cords. Yay


Oh my gosh I am so excited about this next item! I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted my ears pierced, I’ve always liked the idea of wearing dangling earrings. But I’m way too much of a wimp to get them done, and have a fear of needles. Wear fake ones you say? well I would if the clip on ones weren’t so large and painful… and it turns out I don’t have to put up with them – I have found screw-on fake earrings. They are essentially a mini G-clamp that you screw to tighten onto your earlobe, and you can hang things from their little loop. When you put them on there is no pain (unless you literally squash your ear, but come on, common sense), and they stay on really well. I put some on to first try them out and I forgot I had them on and realised I’d been wearing them all day when I went to bed! I’m so excited to create some beautiful earrings and wear them myself.

I also got some more cord ends, which are metal fastenings that secure the ends of cord and allow you to link to other fixtures like lobster clasps. They’re actually not the right size for the cord I own, but oh well, it gives me an excuse to buy some more cord!


I create quite a lot of clay based jewellery, as you can create pretty much any shape you like. I use FIMO mostly, but sometimes cheaper oven-hardening clay. Sometimes it’s nice to add a little bit of a metallic look, as I already have some gold paint that I can use with this clay, so I decided to buy some bronze colouring aswell. Most of the metal I use in my jewellery is bronze as I think it looks nicer than gold or silver. With this bronze powder you just apply it to the un-baked clay with a brush, then after you’ve harded it in the oven you use a varnish to fix it. Obviously I had to get the varnish as well, and it will actually be very useful for other things too.



Now moving on to the ‘wooden things’.

I love ‘the works’ (which is a craft store for those who don’t know) for many reasons, cute papers and stickers, cheap art materials, cheap wooden things! Yes I do have a thing for things made from wood…


I used to do calligraphy when I was younger, it was one of those things I picked up and loved. I recently had to throw my old calligraphy pens away as they were all clogged up and broken, which was sad, so I rejoiced when I found a cheap one while shopping! I already have an ink dip pen, that I use with different artist inks, but I thought that a cartridge calligraphy pen was needed…

Bring on the handlettering!


I’ve been wanting a white pen for a while so I can write on black paper and thus use my impulse buy of a black sketchbook (no regrets). You can hardly find them anywhere, well at least I can’t (if you can then you have a gift my friend), but unfortunately it doesn’t work very well.


I have a jar collection at home – don’t judge me! (actually do, because that’s who I am), so when I saw this beauty for a pound – that’s right £1 – I really needed to get it. It’s nice and unique being triangular and I can definitely put it to use.


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the wooden things! I was really pleased I could pick up this good quality wooden tray for £4, as I’ve been needing something like this for a while. I already have a few little trays like this, so it will sit beside them nicely, as I like that whole aesthetic. I’m going to use it to store all my jewellery making bits in, so I think it fits in well at the end of this post. In my forthcoming redesign of my room this will sit on my desk so I can have easy access to my materials, and so I can see them, because they are so pretty, who wouldn’t want to see them!


and also look at the cute mini one I found… literally no bigger than my hand…


aaaaaaand, that’s it!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end (even if you skipped loads of my rambling), this was a very long post! Let me know if you like this style of post, or want to see some of the jewellery I make with it!

Love you all,

Jasmine x



3 thoughts on “Pretty Beads and Wooden Things : Craft Haul

  1. It´s crazy how much we have in commom. I too have a jar collection at home that I plan to diy for decoration. I want those handlettering pens so bad. I love writing so beautiful pens are my weaknesses. I really enjoyed this post. beautiful purchases!

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