Portfolio : Every Product I Touch In One Day

I’ve realised it’s quite a while since I shared some of the ‘creation’ side to my blog, the last one being Colourful Forms, and I’d like to take the next few posts to show a few more of the pieces from my Portfolio.

As a research activity for my product design studies, I recorded every product, literally every product that I made contact with, in this art piece. By drawing the products I used it served as an analysis into ‘everyday’ objects. I observed the stereotypical shapes making up the ordinary objects. It was very interesting to find that most things we take for granted are made of squares and circles.

every product I touch in one day


Also, who doesn’t love a mixture of teal and lilac?

I’ll be showing you some more work that went into my portfolio in other posts. Let me know what you think by liking and commenting!


Jasmine x


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