Windows and Plants


So, I know I haven’t posted in a little while, but I figured that you’d forgive me. It’s not like I’m stuck for ideas, because I literally have 106 draft posts (not joking), It’s because sometimes I get to a stage when I’m editing quite a few posts at once, and none of them are ready to post, and I’m not sure which one to post next, so I float around doing a bit here and a bit there without completing anything, then there’s too much to do. And I just don’t have time at the moment. I have four weeks of college left (I know, crazy) and I have to finish my project, and apply for all my uni stuff (I still haven’t chosen where to go, a post on this coming soonish), and try and experience the actual outside, which I can’t do sat a computer editing photos hehe. I’m not trying to make excuses, just explaining for anyone who wants to read, afterall, this is a lifestyle blog! This blog has always been for myself, but as more people have become my followers, and more people are interacting, it’s become progressively more targeted to viewing rather than just creating, so I do care that I’m not posting for you guys. Trust me, there are some decent posts coming, with more of a variety of stuff, but just bear with me on that. For now I thought a nice photo post would be good!

Anyways, I have some news! I have a new Instagram account for this blog. You can already follow my personal account over here, but now you can follow my ‘flower child named jasmine’ account to get post updates (and a lovely feed of my favourite photos). I do also have a professional Instagram – and website – set up, but I have yet to organise my design pictures to put on it.

Well, onto the pictures of today’s post.

My Dad works at a software company as a graphic designer and technical author, and the place he works just happens to be sited in a house – I mean a big house. As in old fashioned, country-manor house. Their offices are literally in the large rooms of the house, the old nursery, and attics. This is one of the perks of living in a rural area I guess, and there are a lot of old country houses scatted around our county, this one just 5 minutes away, (another perk is that I’m able to walk from my house and get to open fields within 10 minutes). It honestly a beautiful place, with lovely wooden stairs, large interestingly shaped windows, and unique rooms.

The sad thing is, their company can’t afford to run the building anymore so are having to sell it. It’s a big thing because my Dad’s worked there most of his life and it’s like a second home, and me and my sisters have grown up visiting there, and being scared by the resident ghost, playing games in the garden, going to little parties there, walking on the roof and balcony, even just stealing biscuits from the kitchen. It’s sad this it the last time I will ever visit this house, as it holds some nice memories with my family (and I finally have to let go of my dream of owning it one day)… anyway, enough nostalgia! I hope you enjoy my photos of windows and plants…



Thank you for reading, and see you in my next post!


Jasmine x


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