Birthday Presents // P R E T T Y T H I N G S


I’ve just turned 19… How on earth did that happen?

No matter how flabbergasted I am with that fact, I’m still really glad I am this age. This is going to be one of those ages that I look back on and think, ‘wow a lot happened then’, or ‘wow I wish I was 19 again’. My life just seems so exciting at the moment (or about to be anyway), which is a great and momentous thing.

To mark the occasion, I like to remember what I was given as gifts for my birthday, as they soon hold sentimental value of a transitioning point in my life. This post is as much for me as it is for you to look at the pretty things I got given.


Lets start with the ‘pretty things’ as I call them, as everything in my life seemingly needs a category. I got some hair clips, mainly to replace the same ones I already had but had got broken – I love a practical gift! There’s also this gorgeous perfume called ‘Sparkle’ from Next, it has a Jasmine-like scent to it, which is of course appealing to me. I find scents take on memories, and I always make sure to wear a lot of any perfume I might get given to embed the memories of that time into the smell of the perfume. This one is also in a very pretty metallic silver bottle.


This beautiful little necklace is made up of two half circles, one a beige-y skin colour, and the other a coppery colour, which I’m in love with at the moment. The chain is also a lovely pale copper colour – one could almost say rose gold – that really compliments my skin tone. Something like a necklace or a piece of jewellery is often a good reminder of a birthday or a certain time in your life, or of the person who gave it to you – thank you mother!


This cute little jewellery box has an embroidered and beaded top, and was given to me by my little sister. It’s not what I’d call my usual style, but is pretty nonetheless, and again, practical!


So next is ‘the comestibles’ – aka ‘food innit’ (okay, so two of them are drinks, but you still kind of eat them yeah?) This is an inevitable thing to be given for a birthday. Unlike the other physical gifts, these will be eaten/drunk and can’t hold a memory, but I love these things just as much because, well because they make me happy!


I love this green tea I got, mainly because I love green tea, but also because it’s written in Danish! It’s from Tiger, and anyone who knows what Tiger is will know how amazing of a shop it is, with so many design-y and cool things at cheap prices – and it happens to be from Copenhagen! Anyway, I’m obsessed with anything Danish because of my trip to Copenhagen last summer where I fell in love with the city. I haven’t shared my travel photos of that trip yet, but I will be at some point this summer (because they are so beautiful even if I do say so myself).

Of course, another reason why I loved getting given this tea was because it has Jasmine flowers in it (and if you don’t know the significance of this, then maybe you should reconsider where you are in the internet and look at my blog title, hehe) Expect a tea review in the near future! (while you’re waiting take a look at my English Breakfast and Lemongrass and Ginger tea reviews)


I just love this drink, it is so yummy. There’s not really much need to go into detail on this, as anyone who’s drunk chai latte knows how gorgeous it is and how happy I must be to have received it. (See my previous chai latte post)


Now this present is also a bit of an in-joke as well as something yummy to eat. As my name is Jasmine (again, that’s fairly obvious) my mum often buys me ‘Jazzies’… They are also very delicious and take me back to middle school discos hiding in the canteen buying these for 10p each instead of having to dance…




Next lets move into the ‘other’ category with this magnificent flat-lay (sarcasm). The way I’ve photographed these may not be good, but the presents sure where.

The recipe book is one that my sister made me, with her own little recipes inside (you would have seen it on my Instagram if you follow me there). It’s such a thoughtful gift because it’s for me to take to uni, and that’s so sweet isn’t it? It may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but I still love it because she made it! The cushion is also made by her, which is of a similar vein to the recipe book – so sweet!


You can never go wrong with a journal, and this one has rainbow edges! Now I can show my pride wherever I go… although rainbow isn’t really my style. It’s still a super useful gift, as I’ve been meaning to try out bullet journalling, and this is perfect for that – expect a post on that sooner or later!


This cute little fairy jar has found its new home next to my bed, but I have yet to write a wish in it. The idea is to write your wish on the tiny scroll of paper and put it back in the ‘fairydust’ then overnight the fairies will grant your wish! I’m not sure I’ll do this though as I have a bit of a phobia of glitter… sorry I mean fairydust… but still a cute ornament all the same (something else to clutter up my room – that new years resolution didn’t go so well.)


I got given all my little gifts in this adorable gift bag which I just had to show you, as it’s so me. Time for tea anyone? (*returns in five minutes with a cuppa to continue writing*)


These flowers were a sweet little gift (seen first on my Instagram – seriously, go check it out.) I felt very grown up when I got given these pretty roses – and it dawned on me that I am grown up. One more year of been a ‘teen’, moving out in September, and starting a challenging degree. If that’s not what being grown-up is, then I don’t know what is. For me it’s definitely not about ‘maturing’ or changing yourself, or personality. To me growing up is just developing yourself and engaging in greater freedoms – and not just ‘losing your childish-ness’.


Talking of childish-ness, here’s my baby face showing off my favourite present of all! I finally got a tripod, so (hopefully) no more wonky pictures and awkward balancing acts that involve several cushions, books and sometimes scissors (don’t ask). I definitely think that the best presents are practical ones – so if anyone’s ever unsure of what to get for me, I say, ‘a pencil would be lovely!’

I think I’ll enjoy my next few weeks playing with my new possessions, and taking in the sun which has finally arrived in Britian, and pondering my aging and the meaning of life (mainly at 2am when I can’t sleep because I’ve had too much tea)…


Jasmine x


6 thoughts on “Birthday Presents // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

  1. Happy Birthday Jasmine! I know what you mean I’m turning 19 as well in a couple of weeks and I still can’t believe it.
    I love the gifts you got, especially the jewellery box from your sister. The embroidery is stunning!


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