Stripes and Sketching Haul // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

So, hi again.. here’s some pretty stuff…


I’ve recently been on a bit of a spending spree, pre-university so I don’t have to waste my student loan (groans inwardly at the thought of not going to Zara all the time).

Yeah, so I got two lovely dresses, one my favourite teal colour with a polo neck, and a striped t-shirt dress. I cant get enough stripes! They’ll be perfect for uni as they’re practical and simple, and also very pretty (haha).

These lace bundles were 75 pence each! and so pretty that I’m going to make a couple of bralettes with them, because why not jump on board that craze – bras suck. I’ve found a super good tutorial on Youtube on how to make a bralette, I love this girls channel!

I also of course could not resisit buying some more sketchbooks for some more arty stuff. You know how much I love art materials!

These photos just sum up a lot of things I love; colours, particularly teal and musky pink, stripes, art, art materials, pretty lace, flat lays, and mini things (because they’re cute)

And yes that is a mini flower pot you see…. because – why the heck not.


This post was first seen on my secondary blog Life As A Jasmine, but it was so pretty I just had to post it on this blog too (and, you know I’ve been absent for a while so need some content haha)

Hope you’ll stick around for the coming weeks, as this blog is about to get hit with interesting things…


Jasmine x


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