Hello Again + Post Previews // R A M B L I N G S

‘Like, where have you gone Jasmine, why have we seen no posts for three months?’

That’s what the audience in my head are saying, but I know in reality nobody’s really missed my posts – when in such a saturated field on the internet, who can blame people!

Anyways, there’s no excuse for me not posting, I just…. didn’t lol. So here is a catch-up, or update, or round-up, whatever you’d like to call it, of my life recently, as I know everyone’s very interested (sarcasm’s just like breathing to me) , and I’ll be letting you know how this influences the content you’ll be seeing on my blog.

Now for some post previews…



So guys, I’ve started at university. If you don’t know, I’m at CSM ual in London. Not much to say yet about it,  as I’ve only just started my course… But needless to say, I am extremely excited, and loving it. It is a massive change in my life, yadi-yadi-ya…



Expect some uni themed posts in the near and probably distant future (at least I’m honest). But do I really also have to point out that I’m going to be super busy, so won’t have lots of spare time… but luckily, I’m doing something I enjoy, so I will be able to blog about it! (I might even sign up to be a UCAS blogger… who knows)



I went on holiday about 2 months ago, with my family, to the Devon and Dorset area, as we wanted to have a nice family holiday before I went away to uni. It is honestly a beautiful place, and I had such a lovely time. It was for two weeks, so I did a lot of relaxing and interesting things, which I want to share with you!


If you like photos of pretty places, then you should enjoy a series of posts sharing my holiday. They will mainly be Photography, but I’ll give a brief account of what I did, what I saw and enjoyed, and also what I took away from the experiences. I took about 6000 photos so there’ll be a few of these posts (don’t worry it won’t be all of them)!



As I’ve moved to London, the months before where filled with trips up to London, to visit the uni and get used to it. I saw some interesting things, and inevitably took lots of photos. I went to the Tate and other arty things.



I will be sharing some of the photos and things with you, because London is an interesting place! I love London, and so excited to be studying here, I’ll be sharing with you things I’ve found or places I’ve been alongside my uni posts.


h-p-studiosAs one of our Fresher events we could go to the Harry Potter Studios, and of course I had to go, because the train’s new and everything…



I’ve got a whole lot of photos from this trip, and I really need to fangirl about it to an audience, so bear with me while I ramble about harry Potter! (why don’t you check out my butterbeer posts while you’re at it hey? 😉 ) I also bought a few things in the shop, which is possibly the closest thing to heaven on earth.



As always, I love tea, and never will stop loving tea. I’ve bought loads of new tea, been given tea, tried new tea, and had lots of tea situations – I’m talking sitting outside in the summer with a teapot on a blanket in the sun, and curled up inside with some spicy chai tea, and whenever I sit down to read a book…



I love doing posts about tea, it just seems so natural as I love it so much, and it’s a big part of my life! (no joke) I’ve got a few reviews in the drafts, and lots more stacked up to review and photograph (which is, not going to lie, my favourite part). I’ve also got lined up some book reviews to share with you, which is a natural pairing with tea don’t you think?

While you’re waiting you could check out these previous tea reviews : English Breakfast, Serene Jasmine Green Lemongrass and Ginger.



So, I shared on this blog a few bits of my college work from last year, which I think is what really picked up my blog and my motivation, and pathed the way for what type of content I want to create. And you guys seemed to like it as well.



I’ve got a lot more work that I haven’t shown you, because I did A LOT. a lot. And I feel like maybe it should have an audience. I’ll be uploading it into my portfolio on this blog, so I don’t have to clog up my blog feed with it at the moment, and so it’s all contained in one place to see. So, watch this space if you want to hear the explanation behind this photo…

While you’re waiting, you could have a look at some old work (it gets better honestly haha) clouds and colour pallettes, collage and ink, embroidered organza japan.



Yeah I posted this post a little while ago, and I mentioned the change in my name, and that I was going to rebrand this blog… but obviously it has not happened yet haha. I’m still in the process of design and stuff – I’ve kind of been focusing on that too much maybe and not on actually posting lol…



I WILL be rebranding, in the near future, but when that will be I do not yet know, what with uni and everything (I’m currently writing this between lectures). You can expect a similar feel to the blog that it is now, but just with different graphics, and a new way of organising posts (clue, look at the title of this post), and just a general clean up. I’ve also archived a few of my older posts, and you may notice that a few of the older posts don’t have photos. basically it’s because I’ve been messing around with stuff and I’m not that great with computers haha. Anyway, I hope the new layout will be okay, and I might even do a post about my process.


And finally a little chat about…


Screenshot (10).png

Most of the photos in this post are from my Instagram. Please go and follow me over there @jasminesophiesmith (yes that is my name don’t laugh at my middle name). I post pretty pictures in bad phone quality, of anything I find interesting and stuff I’m doing. Also be sure to follow the blog Instagram @flower_named_jasmine, where I post photos from this blog, creating a little aesthetic space, and also where I let you know about new posts!

Alternatively, you could just follow this blog… By following on WordPress, or by email (which you can do at the bottom of the site, click the plus sign) and as you can see by all the interesting things I’ve got coming up, you certainly will be wanting to come back to my little blog! (She hopes in vain)


Normal service will resume shortly!


Jasmine x

P.s. What do you think of the new title things by the way – I used to do something similar, but now I’m doing it digitally – feedback please?


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