Banana Ice-cream + Diy Container // C R E A T I O N S


(I am well aware that summer is pretty much over – but ice-cream is a forever thing right?)


I’m no vegan. I’m not even that afraid of cream. I’m not lactose intolerant. Or on a low sugar diet. And diabetes – I don’t have that.

So why in God’s name did I make ice-cream out of bananas?!

Is a sufficient answer “cause the Internet told me too!”? Because that’s why I did it. A little while ago I was amazed when I saw a blog post on ice-cream made of two ingredients, and the slightly food-blogger-obsessed me inside wanted in on this secret. So today I thought I’d share with you my little adventure into the dairy free ice-cream world, and show you how I made the cute little ice-cream containers as well! (Like, I’m not going to do anything fancy like include a recipe or instructions – I’m not a food blogger!)





I started with a square piece of paper. I suppose you could use some origami paper for some cute patterns.


To create the cone shape, I used a plate to draw a large curve at the top, then a smaller one below it…


So it ended up looking like this shape, it was kind of a rough shape, as it’s only a temporary thing, the measurements don’t have to be accurate.

As you can see I decorated mine by drawing simple lines on it, and then I curled it round to form a cone shape without a bottom.


I stuck it together with pritt stick, but had to keep it in place with some masking tape while it dried. You may be thinking, why doesn’t it have a bottom? surely you can’t put anything in it?!? Well, you see, I’m lazy, and doing a bottom would be to time consuming, and I really just want to eat ice-cream out of something pretty, so, I have a way of finishing this tub that I’ll show you later in the post…

but now the most important bit!






I had previously chopped and frozen 2 bananas, so I just quickly got them out of the freezer, and shoved the chunks into a food processor. The yellow discs of fruit were actually quite pretty in a strange way, they were so colourful and crystalline (I was very tempted to eat one just as it was, pretending to be some kind of ice princess of course) but I could tell they would thaw quickly so I hurriedly processed them…


So basically you have to blend the frozen bananas, to make a lovely thick and creamy mixture like this (above) but it has to pass a stage where it looks like… mushed up banana! don’t worry if it goes like that, just keep blending until it’s all smooth in texture (and I said I wasn’t going to be like a food blogger…)

Yay you’ve made banana ice-cream! (trust me, its actually really nice). You can basically eat it like this, a banana flavoured … banana ice-cream… BUT lets face it you’re going to want to add some fancy flavour, and some toppings of course! Well, I certainly did.


To complete the ice-cream tub, I cut a square of greaseproof paper and poked it into the container (the messier, the better it looks right?) and then I piped – yes I PIPED – the ice-cream into it (like, I’m basically a pro at cooking). As you can see, photography and slowly melting ice-cream doesn’t really work… but I still got pretty good pictures (?)




So the flavours..

Can you imagine anything nicer than raspberry ice-cream? (well yeah actually… shh Jasmine I’m trying to be bloggery)

To add to the plain banana flavour, I just blended in some frozen raspberries, and voila raspberry icecream, that looks so good I could have just taken photos of it all day (that colour with the background colour is literally amazing) but when I did eat it, it was so delicious, and fresh and vibrant – just like it’s colour!




So, I also added to the plain banana flavour again, with… chocolate, because why not? I just added some cocoa powder and pieces of Cadburys flake and blended it with the bananas – this was gorgeous, with a little bit of an extra sugar treat, while it still being one of your five a day (I sound so preachy) – but seriously, it’s just fruit.

I then added some toppings, because I wanted them to look pretty to fit into this aesthetic environment I like to create around me.



I added some crushed frozen raspberries to the raspberry one, and some left over flake into the chocolate and banana one. You can go all out on the toppings, whipped cream perhaps, sprinkles (I like that idea a lot), chopped fruit, biscuits, meringue?…


It was so easy to make this, and I will be making this all the way through the autumn, and possibly winter… But as you can see in these photos, it melts so quickly as well (all the excuse to eat it quickly)!



Hope you found this post inspirational in some way!


Jasmine x



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