Vintage Lilac // S T Y L E + F A S H I O N



Okay, so these photos are from a year and a half ago…

So yes. I have a baby face.

(and yes I look prettier with long hair but whatever short hair is cool and it would take me so long to grow it out again)

The thing is, I had these photos and this dress was too pretty to not share.

This was going to be my prom dress for my sixth form leavers ‘ball’. But in the end I decided on something a little different… but that’s not the point…

It’s a vintage dress! like proper vintage, from the sixties specifically. I wanted to get something a little unusual and cute and pretty to fit my personality (or what I thought I was inside haha), and I had my heart absolutely set on a lilac dress – for some reason. I was obviously just in love with the colour as I often have phases of colours (pale teal/turquiose at the present).

It came from Etsy, which is such a great place for vintage finds. I mean, I searched lilac vintage dress and… low and behold I saw it – the dress. It fitted all my requirements – fitted at the waist, short skirt, v neck line, flowing sleeves, and it came in my size, and most importantly lilac. It seemed so perfect.


When I tried it on for the first time… oh my god I smiled so much, and started jumping around and posing and everything… I thought it was one of the best things I’d ever worn on my body…

I honestly felt like a fairy princess, and if that’s not the epitome of what you can feel, then I don’t know what is.





Although I loved this dress, I was then actually too afraid to wear it to prom, in case I ruined it, you know, there would be alcohol and dancing, and lots of food… The black jumpsuit I wore instead was actually perfect I think. (I would show you a picture but…)

Any time I want to feel like a beautiful fairy I just put this dress on and waft about the house, while drinking tea of course…


Jasmine x


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