Knightshayes House – pt1, Devon // A D V E N T U R E S



This post is the first where I’m sharing some photos from my holiday, which was to Devon and Dorset in the south west of England. Me and my family went for two weeks in the area, and it was a lovely way to end the summer holidays before heading off to uni.

On the first day, we visited a lovely place called Knightshayes, which is a national trust owned gothic revival house, set in a country estate of parkland and gardens. The house was built in the Victorian era, and the interiors were decorated by William Burges in a gothic style. But hey, this isn’t going to be a history lesson, you’ve come here to look at photos.

I absolutely love going to places like this, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – which I can understand, but I love them. Either because it reminds me of childhood and I’m a deeply nostalgic person, or because they’re just so beautiful and tranquil, and also interesting to me (and makes you feel very English). One of my secret (well, not so secret now –  more crazy) dreams, is to own a large, old (preferably Georgian) house… so this sort of thing is right up my street! Even if this isn’t your favourite thing to do, I’m sure you can appreciate the pretty pictures (and if you’re anything like me, start dreaming that you’re actually there…)

This is the house from the outside, today’s post will be showing you some of the inside (I’ll have to do it in two parts because I got a bit trigger-happy with the camera, as per) and I’ll show you the outside later, as the gardens were very beautiful.


When I first went in there were a few bookshelves, and an alcove with two chairs and a plant in front of a window, this is when I knew I was going to like the style of the house (I mean, plants win me over every time)

The entrance hall had a carved and intricately painted, arched ceiling, some stag heads on the walls (not really my thing, but it fitted with the houses aesthetic), and stone carving. If you look at one of these photos, you can see a tortoise shell cat… tortoiseshell… get it?

There’s also an interesting sculpture, that’s more modern than most of the house, that I thought was quite eerie, but interesting.






The last occupant of the house was a famous female golfer, so there was a little display of her trophies and newspaper appearances. There is also more painted ceiling and walls in a gothic style, which add a unique interest to the place I think, and the colours were quite striking and bold.


The billiard room was very ‘gentlemanly’, and had robust furniture and dark wood panelled walls. I wouldn’t normally like that style as I love light rooms, but it had a very luxurious and cosy feeling. I was of course drawn to the drinks tray they had on display there, as I love glass things, and the little engraved labels to tell you what drink there was were so cute.



This bathroom was one of the lightest rooms in the house, and was very elegant and suitably vintage (I really want one of those roll top baths…)



This next room had to be one of my favourites in the house – it was basically all pink. I’ve never been a massive fan of the colour, to be quite honest, but recently I’ve been loving deep pinks, and purpley pinks, and peachy pinks, and just plain baby pink (I’m sorry, I can still not stand hot pink). The colour palette of this room made me very excited actually, and appealed (and appeased) my inner artist and need for beautiful surroundings.

The trinkets on the dressing table where a particular highlight for me, as a lover of all pretty/mini/cute/glass/oh-heck-basically-any-trinkety things. I could just imagine myself waking up in that room, and getting ready with all my makeup and perfume in front of the mirror, with the sunlight streaming through the large windows (which I didn’t actually get a photo of). Continuing the fantasy, I would stroll over to the window and look out at the garden and the rolling hills which surround the estate, then I would go to sit at my writing desk and begin writing some story or something, or maybe a letter to a lover…


The pink room then lead onto another room, through this adorable little archway you can see below. The lace curtains added to the light and feminine style of the alcove window, that looked rather balcony-esque, and had a rather impressive view.

This room had a beautifully painted ceiling mural, which represented the starsigns, and also, a lovely beaded parasol, and tiny white gloves (their hands must have been my-hand size back then)

I think the most magical thing about the room, was the gentle music being played from a strange mechanical instrument apparently called a ‘mandoline piccolo'(you can see it at the bottom of this post). It was a very ethereal sound, and filled the whole room with a strange and peaceful air.




So, that’s all the photos for the moment, part two of this house will be coming soon (and the gardens as well), it would be a bit of an overload if I posted them all at once, hehe.

This house is very lovely I think, and I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos. Please let me know if you liked it, and want to see more photos posts similar to this. Also, feedback is always greatly appreciated – Like the layout of the post? should I do more photos? less writing? more writing? just please let me know!



Jasmine x






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