Dandelion, Fennel, and Ginger Infusion // T E A T I M E


So, after a long break from one of my favourite types of post, I’m here again with a Tea Review! See a few of my others from a while ago – English breakfast, serene jasmine green, lemongrass and ginger, and also a post about my love of tea.

Welcome to the first post of many to come in the category of ‘teatime’, where I will be reviewing different teas that I try – which include themed photos and review cards – and talking about things related to having a sit down with a cup of tea. This will range from book reviews, to interviews with interesting people, and also a couple of tea-related favourites posts, which I’m really excited about.

Anyway, on with today’s review.

Dandelion, fennel and ginger tea sounded very interesting to me, (I mean fennel in tea?) so I thought I’d have a try. You’ll know if you’ve followed me for a long time that I’m not that fond of herbal teas (see this ancient post), and I was hesitant about trying this one. As it’s autumn I thought this tea would be very suitable for this time of year, as ginger is such an autumnal flavour and scent in my opinion.

Being the posh girl that I am (as everyone likes to berate me about), this tea is from Waitrose. The packaging is very striking –  who am I kinding, it’s kind of hideous, and very bright orange. I have a confession to make… this is actually an old packet of tea from a while ago, so now Waitrose have new packaging for their love life range, so phew, a lucky escape on your eyes if you choose to buy it.

Although I don’t love the colours, the simple design of the box is effective, although I don’t think the colours prepare you for what the tea is actually like – if that makes any sense… a kind of colour psychology thing.




The tea actually smelt lovely, a mixture of spiciness from the ginger and fennel, and earthiness from the dandelion. I love Dandelion and Burdock drink so I thought I’d love the taste of this tea. I should have known better, the pee-like colour wasn’t even enough to put me off. I didn’t like it I’m afraid to say, it was too grassy and you didn’t get a kick of ginger, just a vague presence in your mouth. I can imagine with lots of sugar it might have tasted quite delicate, but the fennel adds too much of a savoury taste for my liking, although trying it iced with sugar may actually work (but not in this chilly weather aha). This tea seemed more medicinal than luxury, so maybe if you have indigestion or have a cold, a hot cup of this infusion would do you some good, ginger of course being well known to help that. But I can also imagine if you like herbal teas then you may just like this one!






I hope you found this entertaining or inspirational in some way, and maybe you will even try this tea to see if it fits your taste buds!


Thank you for reading, and if anyone would be interested in being featured in an interview in this new segment, then please just leave me a comment below.



Jasmine x



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