Autumnal Windowsill // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

Everyone knows that one of the most fun things about autumn is Halloween right? and now it’s over people are becoming depressingly resigned to bracing for winter. Well I’m not so sure myself…

My Halloween looked a little something like this – thinking of a mediocre costume, wanting to go out but having too much work to do, staying in and looking at a mini pumpkin while trying to ignore the fireworks being let off next door.

So yeah, Halloween isn’t always the highlight of my autumn. I’m not sure if you know yet (old followers I’d be disappointed if you don’t) autumn is my favourite season, so there is a lot to love about it. I like to surround myself in autumnal things, and do autumny things, like wear cozy jumpers and drink hot coffee (doesn’t that just sound so appealing), and go for long walks through trees turning beautiful colours… Being at uni in halls has somewhat limited my ability to do these things, so I wanted to celebrate autumn in a lowkey way in my room.


These bits and pieces I’m displaying on my windowsill just hold the essence of autumn to me. I love pretty things, and creating an environment surrounded by aesthetic things is one of my main goals in life, not just for materialistic reasons, but because they often lead to other forms of happiness.


The pumpkin is an obvious link, but my sister actually gave this to me because she knew that I couldn’t carve a pumpkin and put candles in it for Halloween. So she got me a mini pumpkin instead (which is basically some sort of gourd, not the traditional one). It’s just stayed on my windowsill because I really like how it looks, the rough texture, patterned yellow and orange in strange spatters, it just feels autumnal.


These gemstones are a select few from my collection that I had when I was younger. I used to have a little wooden display shelf and I’d put all my fools gold and other pretty bits in it. I think I’ve got rid of most of them now (which seems very unlike me as I like to hold onto things), but I kept a few of my favourites.


I love the purple of the amethyst and the orangey gold tone of the other gem (which I don’t actually know the name of). I know some people set store by what crystals and gems mean, or their ‘energies’, but to me, they mean something different. There’s something so nice about owning something so beautiful and simple, it just adds a little something to make your life a little bit nicer. And I find each one often has it’s own story.


The crystal was one I found at one of my favourite places, someone must have dropped it, and I found it in the grass. I always think about the place that I found it when I see it, which makes me happy.


The agate I bought when in Lyme Regis, many years ago, so that always reminds me of a specific part of my childhood. The three pebbles however bring more recent memories of this last summer, they were found on a beach actually very near to Lyme Regis. I often find it strange when symmetry or parallels like that appear in my life. If you just about see, the holes that the stones have is actually a little crystal cave, which I think brings very understated beauty.


The mini flower pot you can see, is obviously the one I bought here, and I’ve just stuck a little cutting of heather in it. This also reminds me of one of my favourite places, which is an area of heathland quite near to where I lived. I thought the purple of the heather and the gemstone went nicely together, and of course the terracotta colour of the flower pot.


This lovely glass bottle is actually an old drinks bottle that had passionfruit lemonade in, and yes it is as nice as it sounds. It’s by the company called Lemonaid, which is fairtrade and supports their suppliers with projects and schemes, so I would definaely recommend their products. Not only was the drink amazing, the bottle was too, and I knew I had to keep it for décor purposes, with the added bonus that the lid was completely detachable (you know that annoying band of metal you normally get left with on a coke bottle? yeah it doesn’t have that). Glass object with cool graphic, check.


I displayed another sprig of heather in the bottle to echo the purple colour, and a few mini pinecones, which were actually from some potpourris I have, and also this butterfly decoration. I was given that as a child and for some reason I’ve kept it, but I thought it would include it in this minimal arrangement, and I think it works well.



The whole arrangement together looks very pretty on my windowsill and makes me happy thinking of autumn. I’m glad I decided to do a post on this, it’s turned out very positive and has made me happy talking about things I love.


Thank you for reading and I hope you’re all enjoying autumn and are managing to find ways of appreciating your surroundings and keeping yourself happy.




Jasmine x






9 thoughts on “Autumnal Windowsill // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

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  2. So beautiful! I moved to Brazil just before Halloween, and I couldn’t find a pumpkin to carve either. Had to settle for a squatty, mottled gourd. At least it was pretty!


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