Coke Butterbeer // M Y C R E A T I O N S


Now, ages and ages ago I said I was starting a series (not unlike you at all Jasmine, to start something and not finish it), searching for the perfect Butterbeer. (see this post and this post if you’re really interested). I’d tried a few recipes, but I definitely haven’t found the perfect one yet. This post however, is a pretty good recipe even though I do say so myself. I’m not a food blogger or anything, but I’d thought I’d share this creation with you.

Okay, confession, I’ve had this sitting in drafts for months, but this time of year just seems so appropriate, so Harry-Potter-esque. You just want to curl up under a blanket and read, and of course you’d be reading Harry Potter, because what else is there to read, and the perfect accompaniment is obviously a glass of butterbeer. (You also happen to have your wand with you, because yeah, harry potter)


The secret ingredient to this particular concoction is – milk. Yeah, just milk, not cream or icecream, but milk. Like you’d have in your latte – because that’s what I think butterbeer is like to the wizarding population, not beer or cider or milkshakes, but just the everyday cup of coffee. This version is a little more coke float than that though.

I basically had coke (happened to be diet) in a glass, then mixed in some syrup. These were vanilla and caramel, to add the flavours that I associate with butterbeer (which may have just come with the popular cream soda and butterscotch syrup combination). In a separate glass I slightly heated some milk in the microwave (this just helps it froth up, it doesn’t have to be very hot) and then used a milk-frother to create lots of light and bubbly froth! Then I just spooned it into the top of the butterbeer glass -a voila.


This is such an amazing drink, even though it sounds a bit strange, and I think it’s pretty accurate to what I think Butterbeer should taste like. It’s caramely and rich, and comforting and creamy. You could probably make this a hot version as well, which may be better suited to bleak autumn evenings, by heating the coke and syrups. It’s obviously quite sugary, but considerably lower in fat content than a lot of other recipes I’ve seen, and very simple.

Before I get too food bloggery I think I’m going to go and settle down to the Goblet of fire (my current HP) and grab a cup of tea – What? I know it’s not butterbeer, but I assume witches still drink tea? (or at least gurdy root infusion)…




Jasmine x


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