London in Autumn // A D V E N T U R E S


I think most people can agree that autumn is the best time of year, and if you can’t then you’re probably in a lovely hot country where you actually get decent summers – in which case I’m not actually jealous, because British autumns are beautiful.

I’m used to living in the midst of countryside – I mean, living in Suffolk you can’t really avoid nature in all it’s forms – so moving to London has been a culture shock, and also a shock to my craving for natural surroundings. (God how I miss the stars and empty dark nights, and the silence of course. And being able to surround yourself in nature and literally be alone, and let the open space swallow you up, instead of the crowds flocking to and from their commute or the next expensive chain store.) But I think that change and shocking your system is a good thing; you should never get too content with your situation, otherwise you won’t develop yourself any more. I do however seem to focus on the trees between buildings, the sky above the sights, and the flowers next to the people. I appreciate good architecture as well, and pretty places make me happy, so I often actively search out the prettiest places in London.

I took a trip to The Tate gallery (being an art and design student I kind of have to), and St Pauls looked so attractive in the autumn atmosphere, I thought I’d share this moment with my photos.



I’ve been to the Tate so many times since being in London, and I love the new part that they’ve recently opened. I particularly like all the concrete aesthetic (because it’s not the art that matters it’s the walls obvs), especially in the area they call ‘the tanks’ which is the basement level where they have more digital and interactive art, including some performances.


I do tend to see art in places where it’s not supposed to be, I guess it’s a side effect of having a middle class upbringing with pretentious art schooling. But how could I not find this wording interesting?


 I also often wish I was a millionaire when visiting the Tate shop – these bags are so nice, it’s mainly the colours I love, and the patterns, the best ones unfortunately you can’t see.



The day of looking at artwork and shoving some irrelevant meaning onto it (can you tell I’m having issues with art snobbery at the moment?) was finished with a perfect sunset over the Thames, where the light hit onto the building in front of me. It was such an intense colour and matched the orange leaves on the trees. How can you not love this time of year?

I also documented my favourite art pieces in the Tate, so I’ll be sharing those with you soon and rambling about my opinions, so hopefully I can be as arsy as normal and sprout my usual arty bollocks (a recognised term) when I’ve shifted this sense of privilege based guilt over pretending to be more important than I am. I’m pretty sure we all get that right? (please, don’t tell me I’m the only one)…

So get ready to see some art soon,



Jasmine x



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