Watch The Birdie // P R E T T Y T H I N G S


Sometimes you find moments or views that you just appreciate. You just smile and are glad you’re alive. I wanted to share one of these moments with you.

I bought this ring at a charity shop I was volunteering at back at home, and just looking at it now, makes me remember the summer when I would wear it all the time, thinking it was so unusual. I love finding little gems like this in charity shops, I think the ‘finders keepers’ mentality adds something special to an object, perhaps a memory, or just the relief of your bargain hunting self.

The colours combining in this image just made me happy, and the textures; soft, frilly, feminine, against the velvety, deep blue of my laptop cover. I use the strangest things as backgrounds.

I also love that this frilly edge trend has come back in, I believe it was popular first in the 90s, and I have so many old baby tops stashed away in this style – I now just feel like a slightly bigger and slightly more grown up toddler (it doesn’t help that I’m wearing a pinafore). Nostalgia is wonderful, but is also the root of many of my problems.


I sometimes think I’m very weird to pull my camera out to take photos of strange things like this, but I’m always glad that I do; I like to capture my moments.

What special moments have you had recently? large or small ones, I think they make the difference between a content and a happy life.


Jasmine x


4 thoughts on “Watch The Birdie // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

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