Colours and Cacti // C R E A T I O N S


I love colours. I think that’s no secret to anyone who knows me, and I’m glad I have this little reputation for being enamoured with colourful things. You wouldn’t know it if you looked at my wardrobe though, which is a sea of beigey, pinky, neutral colours at the moment, except if you happen to see me in my favourite colour – teal. I seem to have a gone a bit crazy on that colour, and all light and dark shades of it, I can literally dress up like a Christmas tree this year I have enough clothes in that colour range…

But enough about clothes, I want to talk about drawing. (yes drawing, I’m really very bad at intros) But drawing with colour I suppose!

I’ve recently got a new tablet (ooh get you) and I have a pen with it as well that you can use for drawing (it’s a Microsoft surface pro 4 if anyone’s interested – I know, I’m bloody spoilt). I absolutely love drawing with this, you can do all sorts of things, with all sorts of apps. I particularly like how blendable it is, and the pencil effects you can get, with intense colours (and yes the colour ramble at the beginning was relevant).

I started drawing a design for something I’m working on, and picked out the colours I wanted it to be. And then I basically fell in love with the combination and intensity of them, and started playing around with drawing different things. What can I say, these are my favourite colours…




It would also be good to note that I’m also slightly obsessed by cactuses, and these colours just lent themselves to this very well. I love the stylised effect I can achieve with the pressure sensitive pen, and still get bright colours.





Another thing I love drawing is faces, so I obviously had to give it a go, and why not use these lovely colours to create a very stylised look. This is the result of a quick sketch playing with the colours as light and dark, then I kept refining the detail, and even adding highlights (which is another thing digital drawing is good for, you can draw with white over bright colours). It’s not the best face I’ve ever drawn, but I think it allowed me to play around with the method, and get used to drawing in this way.


I of course had to add some hair to the face, and I chose my favourite colour to contrast brilliantly with the pinky oranges in the face. I’m absolutely in love with this combination, although again the quality of the drawing could be better, I just love the effect I can create.

I will definitely be continuing to draw and refine my methods, especially now it’s the holidays as I have more time. I will also absolutely be using these colours again, as I think there’s nothing better in the world to look at…



Jasmine x


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