Things I love about Christmas // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S


So it’s Christmas Day. So it’s the start of a little series I’m doing called the 12 days of Christmas, which unsurprisingly means I’ll be posting festive things for the next twelve days.

I guess I should say Happy Christmas! But that’s assuming that you guys celebrate Christmas, and telling someone to have a happy day is like telling the weather to be nice – it doesn’t really do anything. But obviously the sentiments gives the hope that that person can be happy, it shows you’re thinking of them – which is what Christmas is about; celebrating the ones you love.

I’ve decided to do this series as an attempt to uphold the ‘Christmastide’ period, which I’ve been brought up to partake in as I come from a Christian background, (even though I’m not myself). I think it’s the nicest part of Christmas, and, like a lot of things I think are great, often gets overlooked. I know a lot of people who do Christmas day, go to boxing day sales, then take all their Christmas decorations down and start making resolutions and stuff. I like to draw it all out as long as possible, and celebrate the whole 12 days of Christmas. I thought I’d share these days with you, and I’ll enjoy creating Christmas themed posts!


(honestly this photo makes sense)


To kick-start it all, lets talk about things I love about Christmas.


Smells – I think one of the main things to evoke Christmas, would be the smells. So many nice food smells, spices, chocolate, roast dinner, Christmassy things like the pine trees, the burning candles… I link a lot of memories with smell, so these things are special to me.

Candles – and obviously candles look so pretty, the warm glow making you feel so cosy and Christmassy. At Christmas our dinner table is literally covered in tea lights in various holders that we’ve been gifted over the years – its seriously so pretty.

Lights – similarly to candles, lights bring so much atmosphere to Christmas. I’m the sort of person who loves anything as long as there’s light. I mean, one of my main career possibilities is designing lights… and don’t get me started about going to a light section in department stores… so basically lights make my Christmas, in all forms, string lights, fairy lights, tea lights…

Food – do I really need to explain this one? Food is food, and on Christmas you get good food. And lots of it. I suppose being vegetarian changes my perception slightly, but I still eat a lot of good food (like it’s so easy to not miss the meat, I don’t understand why people find it so hard). If I had a nut roast for every time someone asked me what I eat at Christmas if I don’t eat meat, I’d have enough food for a lifetime of Christmases. Because I eat nut loaf – literally. But not just nut loaf! There’s red cabbage, carrots, swede and other veg (including sprouts although not my fav), roast parsnips, roast potatoes (which I’m pretty sure God invented), savoury tarts, stuffing, chutney, cranberry sauce, and gravy of course! (can you tell I bloody love food)

Turkish Delight – because Edmund has some in Narnia, so everyone should. Also, have you tasted the stuff? It’s like all the good things in the world in a soft and sticky sweet, which gives you a magical shower of icing sugar every time you bite it, oh and it tastes of flowers.

Setting fire to the Christmas pudding – because every one has to do this. And I’m a massive pyromaniac. So fire.

Wearing something special – I like clothes. There, I said it. I said something materialistic – deal with it. I wouldn’t consider myself a girly girl (oh just stereotype away Jasmine) but I’ve always love to experiment with what I wear. Maybe its because I’m a quiet person, and feel the need to speak without talking, let people know what I’m about without having a harsh personality. Christmas is basically an excuse to dress up, and I love flouncing  around in pretty dresses in nice fabric, and I used to handmade a dress for every Christmas, but now time is a bit short (and I’m fed up of dressmaking).

Family – I get to see all of my close family that I don’t get to see that often, especially not now I’m at uni. Relatives from up north come down to see us as well, which is nice as we only see them about twice a year. I love being surrounded by family, and my direct family are definitely like my best friends, so it’s great to spend time with them and be happy.

Seeing my family open their presents – I like making people smile so giving them something they like or want, is a highlight of my day. It also gives me the satisfaction of being a brilliant present-giver, which is purely selfish.

Board games – oh the bane of a lot of kids lives and Christmases. But I bloody love playing games, call me kid if you want, but I’ll just be over here winning Cluedo with my logic because I’m basically Sherlock Holmes.

Christmas carols – I didn’t realise I liked them so much, but they seem to really be making my Christmas this year. I’ve got tired of all the pop Christmas songs, and film Christmas songs, so listening to classic carols is lovely. The ‘Carols from Kings’ service from Kings college Cambridge is always in the radio and tv in our house on Christmas eve, and that sound really resembles Christmas to me.


There’s probably a lot more, but those where what came to mind on this Christmas day!

A lot of these things will feature in the rest of the posts in this series. Please make sure you’re following this blog so you’ll know when I’ve posted them.


See you tomorrow,


Jasmine x


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