Muji Gift Candles // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S



Today I’m sharing some gifts that I got for my family, specifically some candles from Muji. I think candles are very Christmassy (see 1st post) and are perfect gifts as they’re not necessarily things you absolutely need (who am I kidding, everyone needs candles) so it feels special to be given them.

Muji is a Japanese company that create well designed products and are an ‘antithesis to the habits of consumer society’. It is a really interesting shop that you should definitely take a look at.

What made me very interested in this store was it’s simplicity, it’s sleek elegant and functional designs. As a product design student this naturally appeals to me. While Christmas shopping for gifts for my family, I came across Muji’s candle section – and oh my gosh, it’s amazing. So many smells and choices and colours, and all in very simple metal tins – which is a look I totally dig. There was an offer of 4 for 3 (which is still on their website if you want to get some for yourself), which was the perfect amount for one for each of my close family.

I got Cinnamon Spice, Hinoki Wood, Ginger and Lemon Thyme, and Jasmine and Black Olive (which is obviously my favourite).


Cinnamon Spice

This is a lovely smell, and very appropriate for this time of year. It’s very perfumed, so only suitable for people who like fragranced candles, which is luckily the sort of person my sister is. Imagine a steaming cup of chai tea, a cozy Christmas day, or a bakery filled with cinnamon buns.


Hinoki Wood

This scent is so unusual, it’s rich and woody, but also quite floral and fresh. A robust scent perfect for male family members.


Ginger and Lemon Thyme

This is a spicy scent that is also quite Christmassy, but also seems like the smell you’d have walking round an ethnic shop full of Indian and Asian made things, like People Tree. I like this scent, but mainly chose it because my sister would like it.


Jasmine and Black Olive

If anyone’s smelt jasmine flowers, or jasmine perfume, or jasmine scented anything, then you’ll know it’s a heavenly smell. This candle is no different. The black olive in it is just an accent that compliments and intensifies the delicate jasmine smell. I also love the colour (especially paired with this gorgeous peachy pink glass cup – what, décor is everything).


My family all loved the candles as gifts, and the scents were perfect for them, so our home will be smelling nice for a while. I’d also like to point out, the lovely wooden bowl in these photos is from Muji as well, which was also a gift to my mum.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I decided to style the photos in my typical way (intentionally placed lace and all), and the extra candle I think adds the right atmosphere to them. Please do tell me what you think!

and I’ll leave you with a photo of me getting entangled with some lace, because why not…



Jasmine x


6 thoughts on “Muji Gift Candles // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S

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