Smells of Christmas // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S



Smells so often link memories and events for me, so Christmas has very specific scents to me. I think there’s something so complete about the atmosphere it creates when all your senses are immersed in a particular thing or feeling. And I think this is what Christmas really is; an immersion, a festival, a chance to be completely involved in something. In other words, it’s a time to stop worrying about things and have a lot of fun.

For me these six smells really sum up Christmas, either in their feeling or association.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without candles, as I mentioned on the 3rd day, and the smell is such a comforting one, especially if you have festive scented ones, and just the burning smell still remains one of my favourite smells.


This is Gingerbread Chai Liqueur, which is actually homemade (just infuse spices and stuff in some vodka), and my mum wrote out this little cocktail recipe (it was a present for my Dad). I would recommend trying it out, it was so tasty and Christmassy – i.e indulgent. I think the smell might have been better than the taste though, so spicy and cinnamony, and with that alcohol smell that reminds you of hazy winter evenings.

Chai tea is obviously a similar scent, and will always remind me of winter time. Chai lattes also work for me (is the Starbucks one even legal with that amount of sugar). See my post I did on it here.


As far as food goes, cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours, but also one of my favourite smells. Oranges are also so reminiscent of Christmas, and actually make me nostalgic more than anything else in this list. When me and my sisters where young we would make Christingles with our Grandma and Grandad, which are basically an orange with cloves stuck, dolly mixtures and a candle stuck in it. Strange, but a traditional Cristian thing.


And of course, Christmas in our family wouldn’t be complete without our Christmas tree – a real life pine tree. For as long as I can remember we’ve bought a real tree for Christmas, it just seems to really set the mood, if only by the smell. I can remember when I was tiny (very very very tiny) I would crawl behind the tree under the branches and lay underneath looking at the lights above me. The smell always takes me back then, and I always love to be a little nostalgic, which is the spirit Christmas brings I think.


(On another note, this candle holder is so pretty, it’s a stained glass effect and the colours glow onto the table as the light flickers. You may be seeing it in more posts in the future)

What are your favourite smells of Christmas? Do you have many traditions that make you nostalgic?

I hope everyone’s still enjoying the festive period (there are way too many people on twitter who have taken down their tree already – to be honest that’s just a bit of a killjoy for them then – and yeah you should follow me on twitter @cuppajasmine). And please do tell me what you think of this series so far!


Jasmine x


2 thoughts on “Smells of Christmas // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S

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