Winter Walk // 12 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S




After Christmas day, it’s almost expected to go on a walk somewhere – it’s just one of those things that everyone does. Me and my family went to a local place that we go to regularly throughout the year (when I was still living there anyway), and it was packed with people. That didn’t stop us enjoying the scenery and each others company.

I love the shapes and silhouettes that leafless trees create against the blue clear sky, it’s a very crisp and dramatic sight that makes it seem even colder than it was. It’s still quite a mild winter here in England, but lets keep our fingers crossed for snow before I go back to London.



What traditions do you all have for the Christmas/winter period?

I’ll be back tomorrow (Friday) with a bulkier post with Jasmine-y photos. In the meantime go and take a look at all days in the series

1. Things I love about Christmas

2. Sparkles and Bright Lights

3. Muji Gift Candles

4. Handmade Cards



Jasmine x


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