Favourite Practical Gifts // 1 2 ~ D A Y S ~ O F ~ C H R I S T M A S




Well congratulations Jasmine for inevitably successfully breaking your schedule of a post everyday for 12 days. Oh well, here’s to 2017 and fresh starts and catch-up posts…

Last year I did a what I got for Christmas post, and it went down rather well, so I thought I’d do another one, as I love sharing things I love, and they look pretty so why not.

I’ve decided to focus on practical gifts that I received, as these are the ones I’ve been using a bit more than the others, so I can give a bit more of a thorough review of them – and let’s be honest, you don’t want to see loads of pictures of chocolate right?


I got a nice selection of cosmetic and skincare products this year, these three being my favourite.


This shower gel from the body shop is in the scent ‘Fuji green tea’, which I actually have a perfume and soap in as well which I got last year. I think this was a no-brainer for me because it complements the other products I have and I’m a tea lover, not to mention it’s such a gorgeous scent. I also got another product from the body shop in this scent, which I’ll actually be showing you later because it’s so cute.


I also got a Christmassy shower gel form the body shop, which is ‘vanilla chai’ scented. I think my mum continued with the tea theme here, and she knows I love chai tea (especially the smell, see this post and this one). It is honestly a heavenly scent, and you feel like you’re bathing(if you use it as bubble bath like me) or showering in tea.


This next product is probably, no word of a lie, my favourite present from this year. Lush’s famous Dream Cream. I’ve been wanting to try it out for so long, and it’s quite expensive so I’ve always been wary because my skin might decide to be allergic to it and I’ve then wasted a lot of money. But oh my gosh does my skin love it. It’s so good for rashy or irritated skin, it’s so smooth, it smells divine – like you’ve dived into a vat of oatmilk and then walked through a lavender field… Okay that description is a little weird, but you get what I mean. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin that wants to find a good body lotion. (Lush has completely won me over now, I may be visiting their stores more regularly –  have you seen their oxford street one holy gosh)


What would Christmas be without some fluffy socks? I got a few pairs from various friends and relatives, but these were my favourite, because of the colours, and how gloriously soft they are. They’re actually made out of recycled bottle caps, which is cool and oh so sustainable (like everything good should be). They are also hella practical for winter when I have to leave the warmth of my dorm to trek to university.


Another gift that was gratefully received is this purse, which I previously pointed out to my mum because it is exactly what I need. MY previous purse has broken (I tell you, you don’t know stress until you’ve experienced trying to open your purse zipper which is stuck on the lining fabric while trying to pay at Pret a Manger) If you’re a Londoner you know what I mean by having to have your cards in a readily convenient place. With an unclick of the purse I can whip out my oyster card or my debit card and not hold up queues of miserable commuters.


I think the most ‘girly’ present I received this year was a handbag. As a rule, I’m not a bag person; if I was spending £30 I’d prefer it to be on a nice jumper or skirt. But this bag was pretty much perfect for what I need. Yes there are nicer bags in existence, and yes this has drawbacks, but It’s the closest thing to what is my bag perfection that I’ve found (and I’ve been searching for months). As I’m a small person, a lot of bags are waaaay too big, and a lot are annoying wide so stick out weirdly and make me look like I’m carrying a bag of my own size. But I also have to be able to fit everything in, and there’s a lot of that stuff. This is narrow enough to not look incredibly stupid, but large enough to fit things in, and the straps are the perfect length. Oh, and it’s reversible, so that’s cool.

I would also like the point out this dark blue/teal scarf that I’ve been cunningly using as a background. It’s so fluffy and warm and my favourite colour, so what’s not to love.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and maybe you’ll try out some of these products (I swear this is not sponsored, but I sure as heck wish it was). What did all of you receive as gifts this Christmas?



Jasmine x


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