Lifestyle Changes (2 Year Anniversary) // R A M B L I N G S


Woo, congrats Jasmine, you’ve been blogging for 2 years. Yay.

That may have sounded sarcastic, but I really am excited to have been on WordPress for two years, my blog has been such a source of creativity and comfort in many ways. I’ve rambled on about all this before, so see my 100 followers post from the summer here, and my last years anniversary here. They are both very embarrassing posts where I’m prancing around all dressed up for aesthetic photos – why do I do this to myself.

Anyway, as it’s the start of the new year, and many people are so over Christmas already, resolutions are what we’re meant to be talking about right? let’s do that then…

In January last year I gave myself some resolutions, like most people do, but I think I called them ‘goals’ instead, like that was some pretentious way to actually achieve them. I blogged about it here.

Surprisingly I have actually kept up with most of the positive daily habits that I started at the beginning of the year, but they’ve also developed. As I often say, development is always a good thing.

A recap of Last Years:

  1. Green tea
  2. Tidy room
  3. Sketchbook work
  4. Read
  5. Write in journal
  6. Draw/sketch/paint
  7. Household chore
  8. College online stuff
  9. Plan tomorrow


Now instead of setting more ‘resolutions’ this year, I’m just going to improve on the ones I’m already doing. I’m calling them ‘dailies’, because I do them daily (yeah great name Jas, you’re so smart). These are the lifestyle changes I have made since last year, and how I will improve on them.



I have a sort of routine that I do every morning, that gets me started for the day, just a combination of stretches and light exercises that keeps my body moving when I can’t fit in more vigorous exercise.

I want to start walking or jogging in the mornings, to wake myself up and give me more regular vigorous exercise. And start cycling again.



I’ve started taking a lot more care over my presentation, and I like getting ready in the morning. I’m not overly fussed about being pretty everyday, but I like the feeling of trying, and it makes me feel a bit more powerful and London-ready. It’s also fairly obvious that I like putting together outfits; it’s a combination of my desire to express myself, my design tendencies, and needing to be practical and time-saving.

This is a weird way to improve, but spend more money on less clothes, because buying lots of cheap clothes is not the way to go. (I’m going to blog about this sort of thing soon)

Skincare routine

As with the point above, I’ve been paying more attention to my skin. I’ve been trying to manage it’s sensitivity, which is very hard, while still keeping it clear and nice. I’ve been using more skincare products, like exfoliants and things, but with the arrival of Lush’s Dream Cream (see last post) I’ve finally got into a routine.

I want to continue this everyday, and also find an eyecream that works (any suggestions would be welcome)



I’ve been attempting to learn Danish, by using the app Duolingo, which is actually very good. Ever since I went to Copenhagen I’ve been slightly obsessed with Denmark, and the language really intrigues me. So over the summer last year I started doing daily lessons on the app, and I’ve learnt a fair bit. I’m not sure I would be able to understand anything a Danish person said to me, but I’m getting to grips with it.

The app also has quite a few funny sentences for you to write…

Do it everyday, and hopefully complete the programme of lessons.



I’ve been more active on social media recently over the last year, and I usually have a daily browse on all of my socials (I like calling them that, it makes me seem a bit like an old woman at a social club). I’ve very recently joined twitter, so you should go and follow me over there. To be honest I usually just retweet things, but that’s mainly because there’s not many people to read my tweets. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram and of course my secondary blog on WordPress Life as a Jasmine where I share things I’m thinking, interested in, and give post updates and previews.

I want to keep up to date with my blog Instagram, and post more regularly on Life as a Jasmine, but I also want to not spend as long browsing for the sake of it.



With being at uni, and having to keep on top of everything, I’ve had to try to stay organised. I’ve found a few nice ways to do this, including keeping a grown-up diary where you write in all your appointments (scary). I also write lists, lots and lots of lists.

I need to do the things on the lists



I’ve taken to doing a bit of reading every day. This isn’t as fun as it sounds, because it’s mainly uni reading, aka studying. But I do find it enjoyable actually, and some of these books I have to read are really interesting. I also try and read blog posts and the news everyday, and on the rare occasion that I have time, some fiction.

I would like to read more fiction books like I used to when I was younger, and have time to do this instead of scrolling through social media unnecessarily (or watching that very necessary show on Netflix)


Green tea/Lemon water

I love tea, I think that’s been established on this blog, so the fact that I have a large shelf dedicated to tea would not really surprise you, right? At least half of that shelf is green tea, as I’ve become very fond of it. It’s such a nice light drink to have, when you’re feeling thirsty and need a little flavour. I’ve been drinking green tea everyday, and also what I’m calling lemon water. Which is basically just hot water with fresh lemon juice. It is so tasty and very refreshing, and gets me to drink so much more water than I did before.

I would like to become milk free, so green tea is going to become more and more a steady favourite.



So, that’s enough of me talking about my life…

What have you changed in your life to make it better? and what resolutions have you made this year?



Jasmine x


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