Washi Tape + Pens // P R E T T Y T H I N G S


As with any artist or designer, I love getting new materials to create things with. I *recently* (I use this word to mean anytime within the last year) treated myself to some new artists pens and a couple of Washi tape rolls to add to my collection (it’s growing quickly like some sort of money-draining pretty-looking parasite on my life).

I actually got these materials when I went to Cambridge back in autumn, from my favourite art shop Tindalls. I always seem to go to Cambridge in autumn, I think the city just goes with the colours and feel of autumn, I blogged about it last year here. Anyway, this art shop is always packed full of everything you could ever dream of needing, so many different paints, and brushes and canvases, and sketchbooks (my guilty pleasure), and so many pens and pencils.


I got these three Washi tapes, which are all from the same brand, which is proper Japanese washi tape, and coincidently very expensive. I would recommend buying the authentic stuff though as it works so much better than other masking tape varieties.

I got a beautiful lilac colour, and a pinky peach colour, which I seem to be obsessed with at the moment. They go so well together and I can use them in my art and projects where they will go with a lot of other colours, like blue and teal, and other pinks and purples. I also got a purple striped tape, because there was an offer for three rolls, and I thought It went nicely with the other colours. I would normally stick to plain colours because I think you can use them in more situations than if you get patterned ones, but I thought the stripes were simple enough.


These pens are Tombow ABT dual brush pens, and they are am-a-zing. They have a brush tip one end, and a finer nib the other end, which allows for a lot of different possibilities. They give a very translucent colour, which allows you to layer it up and create different shading effects, and can give you very solid blocks of colour too. They are relatively expensive, for about £3 a pen, but they are very good and versatile that they’re basically like getting multiple products in one. I previously have 3 of these pens and I just needed to get more so I could use them all together.

The range of colours they have is also great, so many different shades and tones. I picked out a few from similar hues, as I’m really into these kind of colours at the moment. The colours I have already were, teal, lilac and black, so I wanted to get some subtler colours, which would also blend really nicely. I spent ages testing out all the different colours on their tester paper (I even drew a little picture aha) but I finally selected my favourites. I will be using these in a lot of my work, so hopefully you’ll be able to see more art from me on this blog (it feels like forever since I have shown you guys anything)


I also invested in some good quality black drawing pens. I find anyone who creates anything is always in need of a fine black drawing pen, so I got myself 6, you know, just in case. I got the Pigma Micron Archival Ink set, and let me tell you, it’s worth the investment. These pens run so smoothly on the page, and give such a defined line. They are perfect for outlining, and shading and just drawing accurately. I tried out many different types, and these were by far the best quality.

I got varying thicknesses of line, from a 0.20mm to a 0.5mm  nib, which I’ve tested out below. This is great for different definitions of line, which is perfect for my product design sketching I do at uni (orthographic drawing without a ruler is not a walk in the park)


These are my favourite materials I got from this little trip, that I seem to be using the most. The drawing pen is the 0.45mm (05) thickness which I find is the best medium line. And the brush pens colours are just the best combination (can you tell I love colour combinations?). And of course, the Washi tape is just like my favourite thing ever, because who needs anything else for a happy life (I swear I am using them, they’re still in their packets because this is an old photo- but shh)


Have any of you treated yourself recently? And who else just loves art materials!?


Jasmine x



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