Turkish Delight Brownies // C R E A T I O N S

This is a fairly experimental post, please let me know what you think of it!

Turkish Delight is one of my favourite sweets. Maybe it’s the link to The lion the witch and the wardrobe when Edmund is given it by the White Witch, maybe it’s the remembrance of my Grandad who also loved it and would cut it into tiny pieces and let me have some, maybe it’s just because it tastes so good. At the start of the year I always seem to have an overload of chocolate and sweets from Christmas (I’m sure everyone is the same) and nearly always a box of Turkish delight.

My love for this confectionary inspired the thought that I should make as much Turkish delight flavoured desserts as possible, hence the birth of Turkish delight brownies. I thought the flavour of soft, squidgy, delicate, Turkish delight, would go well with gooey, rich chocolate brownie, and I was right.

Here is a little recipe I made for how to make Turkish Delight Brownies. I don’t usually dabble in recipes and food blogger stuff, but think of this as more of a creation. (I was once called the Picasso of food, so I guess even my cooking is creative – or he could have just meant it was messy and a bit abstract haha)



This tastes so good I wish I could eat it all the time. Even though it sounds really Christmassy, this would be perfect anytime of the year really, I can imagine eating a slice on a warm summers day (yeah right, in Britain) with a glass of lemonade – I think it’s the floral taste of the Turkish delight, which is gorgeous.

I love the whole look of these photos, the Turkish delight looks like stained glass windows when you cut it, and the colours all work together so well with the slate as the backdrop. It was also very fun putting it all together with the writing and everything.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and let me know if you try it out, or would like to see more things like this? feel free to yell at me to get back in my lane, but I kinda like expressing my love for food.


Jasmine x

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