In Love With January // R A M B L I N G S


To start sharing a bit more of the love (and a bit more about me) I’ve decided to do a new feature every month about stuff that I’m loving, called appropriately ‘in love with…’. For example, it may be music, styles, colours, materials to work with, places to go. Basically anything that I love! (It’s essentially a favourites post, but I’m a pretentious blogger so I’ve called it something a bit different aha). It also gives me a chance to do a themed photoshoot, because that’s just what I do.

This will hopefully be interesting to you, and inspire you to try out some new things, and also interesting for me when I’m older to look back at what sort of a person I was. (Yeah, yeah whatever Jasmine, just get on with it…)


Over January this was what I was in love with;



Over the last few years I’ve become gradually more into YouTube, but this last month I’ve been finding some great content creators. I’ve been binge watching videos, and getting a lot of inspiration, and it also strangely relaxes me. I can spend literal hours watching videos – but I guess most people do haha.

Bath products

For Christmas I got a ton of skincare and bath products (I think people are trying to tell me something haha), I’ve mentioned this in my Christmas Presents post. I’ve been using these products whenever I can. Not having a bath tub and just a tiny (and I mean tiny) shower in my uni flat means I can’t use my bath salts or bubble baths on an everyday basis, so I tried to make the most of it before I came back to London. One of my treats when I go home to visit (It’s only 100 miles away, so I do this quite regularly luckily) is having a very long bubble bath – god is it relaxing.



I’ve been really into taking photos. I mean really into it. I’m normally very trigger happy at the best of times, but for some reason this month I’ve had my camera practically glued to my face. I like capturing different moments, portraying beautiful surroundings, and creating photos for my blog.

Holiday photos and memorabilia

To remind me of the brilliant summer I had, and to relax me and take me mentally to a happy place, I’ve been relooking at all my holiday photos. There’s literally thousands of them, so I can really loose myself in my memories, which I enjoy, being an extremely sentimental person. I also love rereading my journal that I wrote while on holiday, and all the scraps I’ve kept. I’m posting about my summer time adventures throughout the year, so look out for that, check out the first post here.



Over Christmas my mum made some Guacomole, and it was absolutely amazing. I already knew I loved Avocados, but mixed with tomato and chilli and lemon juice is possibly the best food ever. I’ve been surviving on Store bought while at uni, cause I basically can’t afford to buy the ingredients separately and make it, which is of course superior to Icelands cheap thing. But it’s still pretty amazing. Us vegetarians have got to find exciting foods, if not only so we can talk back to meat eaters who ask ‘but what do you eat?’, and have more to say than just lettuce, and look as smug as hell when they realise that they like it too and vegetarianism isn’t some weird foreign thing or a diet of just vegetables. Mini rant over.

Also btw, if you have guacamole on a plate next to beetroot dip, the colours work so well together (yes I’m all about the colours)

Neutral colour palette

While last month I was super into pink and teal together (still am in my heart tbh) which you can see in my digital drawing post, this past month I’ve been really liking neutral colours. My wardrobe is very evident of this, as I’ve got a bit of a jumper obsession going on, with an array of greys and browns and beiges, and I’ve purchased a lot of things from Zara recently (no surprise there) which seem to be neutral colours at the moment. I’ve grown to like the simple cut and fit of clothes in simple understated colours, I think it really suits this time of year and lets other things like your face and hair do more of the visual talking. There’s also something super comfortable about pale and dark shades of neautral colours. I have a real thing for beige; I’ve always said I’m middle aged before my time.


Catfish and the bottlemen

I’ve very recently come out of a Twenty one pilots phase. It was a very long phase for me, as my music tastes change all the time, this one lasted about 8 months. I literally listened to their music all the time, moving from album to album to keep things fresh. I know all of the words to most of their songs – and I’m proud of that – and I even knew a bit about the band themselves, which I normally don’t delve into. It was on the verge of becoming fangirl-worthy obsession. Thankfully, I just really suddenly stopped listening. Maybe I ran out of songs to listen to, maybe I just knew them too well, maybe my general mood has changed so I need something different? well whatever it was, It’s allowed me to go back to some old favourites.

Catfish and the bottlemen’s music has been something I listen to sparingly, but I liked a few of their songs which I’d listen to in waves, then probably contrasted with something like Bastille, or Muse of course (which is a constant favourite obviously) but never long playlists of their songs. I like Kathleen of course, their most popular song I’d say, and it’s what introduced me to them. It has such a nostalgic feel, and the verses are dream-like in their brilliance. Van’s voice is so good – I usually like voices like that, that have a bit of edge to them, a depth, a smoothness but harshness. My new favourites of theirs are ‘Soundcheck’ and ‘Hourglass’, which are truly euphoric songs. The guitar piece in Soundcheck is the best thing I’ve heard since Muse, and the contrast is amazing, and the verses.. there’s so many different elements to it! Hourglass is just one of those beautiful songs that make me tear up when listening to it, and I can have it on repeat and get so much feeling from it – ya know what I’m talking about fellow sentimentally sad souls. I just love it.

Curly hair

I’ve been styling my hair a bit differently since Christmas, specifically because I was gifted a new curling wand. I love curly hair, and I have always loved it, and have always wanted to have curly hair. But alas, my hair is that annoying straightness that attempts to wave, but just ends up sticking up really weirdly and hanging all limp. This means I have to style it if I want my hair to be how I like it. I just section off my hair, and curl it with the wand, then finger comb it, sometimes fully brush it to get a more natural, bushy finish, and then put in a little leave-in conditioner to tame the fizziness and make the curls a little sleeker. Second day hair is also the bomb.


January sales

A slight fashion horder such as me has to like the janurary sales, they just have to, otherwise they will become very poor. I’ve been on a couple of trips to the shops since being back in London, and bought some amazing clothes for good prices. Let’s be honest, it’s mainly Zara stuff, because my love for their clothes just doesn’t stop. I might be doing some sort of haul or something with what I bought, but I might not have the capability to do it at the moment – we’ll see. I’ve got a couple of lovely skirts, which is what I need in my wardrobe to balance out the number of jumpers and tops I have. Also a couple of shirts, which is something I haven’t invested in in a long time, I like to wear them as more of a jacket rather than buttoned up. Also a couple of really cute dresses which will be great for the rest of the winter, and also spring and summer. Some pieces are great for going out and evening things (velvet is all I’m saying). I’ll be doing a haul soon.


I used to use Pinterest all the time, when I first got it a few years ago, but then I went off it. Last year at college I got back into it and I found it very useful for college work inspiration etc, but then again I went off it because there were easier ways to get inspiration (namely Instagram, ye taker-over of my life). I am now, however back on that ship, and sailing it with pride.

Pinterest always seems to get a bad rep for being a mumsy social media with lots of cute things and diys that you’ll never do. But I see it as more of a platform that I can use to collate my inspiration, for artwork, blogging, and general life things. I think Pinterest can be a great online environment with a collected and aesthetic feel, that is actually useful and productive. If you’ve stopped using Pinterest, I would recommend that you get back into it as soon as possible, to become more productive with your online time (but who am I to preach, do what you want). I’m thinking of making a post about this – thoughts?

Also, follow me on Pinterest, of course, here.

I’ll be back with another post like this at the end of the month!

What things have you been loving recently?


Jasmine x

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4 thoughts on “In Love With January // R A M B L I N G S

  1. Hey Jasmine, we seem to have so much in common. I’m vegan so I totally understand what u were saying about vegetarianism! I’m also obsessed with Catfish & the bottlemen, and photography! I might use your idea of ‘I’m In Love With…’ if you don’t mind (: x

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