Knightshayes House – pt2, Devon // A D V E N T U R E S

So I’m here again to share some photos of my summer holiday to Devon and Dorset from a few months ago. This post is focused on Knightshayes house, a National Trust property, and it follows on from the first part, which you can see here, Knightshayes House – pt1, Devon // A D V E N T U R E S.

I will be showing the gardens to the house in another post, as they were so lovely I need to talk about them separately, but for todays adventure I will talk you through what interesting and pretty things I saw in the house. I always enjoy surroundings like these, so I hope you’ll enjoy my photos and experiences.



The architect of this house did a lot of decoration in a gothic style, and one of the rooms was dedicated solely to his design. Painted on the walls were lots of different types of birds, with their names, in a stylized design, between red curling motifs. I like this because it gives off a playful feel as well as being grand and decorative. The room was full of very over the top painted furniture, but I liked the little table the best, imagining sitting there reading a book and drinking a cup of tea. Also, spot the monkey the painter added in for novelty effect!



Remember the great hall in the first post, well, there was a minstrel’s gallery over the top, which I always like going on because I get some sort of thrill out of heights (blame my everlasting desire to sprout wings and fly).




There was a very cute little bathroom that had pretty wallpaper with daisies and snails, which I thought was very unusual. There was also a packet of Bromo toilet paper, which really gives the room a vintage atmosphere.




The general feel of the house was very dark wooded and luxurious, but the windows were some of my favourite features, and they let light stream in, adding a real majestic feel to the place. Between tea sets, pretty furniture and a plant growing through a table, I was really lost in another time zone. The kitchen also had a windowsill full of wildflowers in jam jars – and if that doesn’t bring happiness to your soul, then I’m not sure what will.




The library was, not surprisingly, full of books. But there were also plants and flowers which brought the room to life, and created a very pleasing look with shelves and wooden panelling. It felt very cosy as a library should be, but also light and airy, the kind of atmosphere you’d want to study in – and in my mind I was imagining climbing the little ladder the reach a shelf and then pulling out a book on flowers, then sitting myself down at the desk, and contemplating my sweet peas. (As I’ve said before, I think I’d prefer to live life in my imagination). On the desk there was a very unusual clock, which had a mechanism inside that turned the paper, and the little spikes held it in place so it read different times – I found this very inspiring.




I’ve called it the red room because it had lovely bright red walls and stuck to a colour scheme, a bit like the pink room in the last post. I’m not usually a fan of red, but it was very striking in this room, and went with the aesthetic of the rest of the house. The shape and layout of the room was also particularly pleasing to me, because of the arch ways and the curtains draping, the large group of windows on the far side letting lots of light in, where the door led into the glass house outside. It seemed very open and homely and grand all at once – when I walked through from the library it left me slightly speechless. The wood panelling and the colourful decorated stone with the vibrant yellow curtains, went perfectly with the shapes of the room, and the furniture and plants scattered around the room. It seemed to resonate so much of what the rest of the house looked like, bold, colourful, gentlemanly, yet light and spacious. Also, who doesn’t love a room with a piano in.



This house was lovely, not necessarily how I would decorate my house, but very inspiring and a lovely day out.

As a person interested in design and the way things look, I love to take photos of things that inspire me – colours, shapes, furniture, windows, flowers, anything unusual –  so naturally I like to share these on my blog.

Look out for the next post in the Adventure series, where I’ll be showing the garden of this house.



Jasmine x

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