T E A T I M E // with Abby Strangward


So it’s time to sit down and have a (metaphorical) cup of tea with Abby Strangward, creator of Seafoam blog. She’s one of my favourite bloggers here on wordpress, and her content is truly inspiring, so I’ve asked her a few questions about herself and her blog, which will hopefully inspire you too.

***This is the start of a new segment here on this blog where I interview and collaborate with other bloggers and individuals over a ‘cup of tea’, which here means a digital version of sitting down and having a cuppa with someone, which is one of the most pleasant things you can do in life I believe. I love learning about new things and talking to new people, so if you’re interested in chatting or collaborating then please let me know***


All photos provided by and copyright Abby Strangward.

Name, and country

Abby, Australia.


Are you at school/college/in work, if so, what do you do?

I’m just at school at the moment!


What online presence do you have?

My blog – seafoaming.com

Instagram – abbystrangward

Tumblr – abbystrangward

Youtube – abbystrangward

Spotify – abbystrangward

Bloglovin’ – Abby Strangward


What is unique about your content?

I think the only way anyone’s content can stand out is if you, the person creating it, have something new to say. There’s so much I want to say and share about myself, my life, and the world, and so much I want to inspire in others. My content’s unique because I am.


How would you describe your blog to others?

I always struggle to do this! I’ve previously classified my blog as a sort of ‘inspiration’ blog. It’s bits of everything – adventure, style, how-to, thoughts, social issues, photography, writing … I share a lot of photos and thoughts and musings about my life, and a lot of photos and thoughts and musings about everything else that interests me, and everything I want to change in the world.

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What is your favourite part about blogging/creating content?

I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with blogging, and I’m not quite sure why yet. It’s only been a few months and I’m obsessed. I think it’s the perfect blend of writing, photography and design. I just love how creative it is, how much I can create now.


Why do you blog?

Mostly, because I can’t even imagine my life without it now! And it’s the most amazing feeling when people tell you how much they love what you’re creating and producing.


What are the first three things you would tell people about your personality?

I’m terrible at these sort of questions! I had to google ‘words to describe personality’! These are the three I most identify with : passionate, adventurous, and creative. I’m the sort of person who might randomly stop you in the middle of sentence and pull out a camera and insist you just ‘move to the right a little’. I’m constantly looking for adventure, and there’s so many things I’m passionate about – I can talk for ages on all sorts of things I’ve been thinking about, but I’m terrible at small talk.

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If you had to decide, are you a collector or more of a minimalist?

It’s so weird – I honestly can’t classify myself as one or the other. Ever since I was little I’ve collected everything. I’d come home from walks with pockets brimming with sticks and stones and leaves, I’d bring bags to the beach to fill with shells, I’d buy as much as I could carry from second hand stores, and I couldn’t throw anything away. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve really felt the urge to be much more minimalist, and I’m constantly throwing away as much stuff as possible. I dream of having a minimalist, empty, functional room – but in reality it’s cluttered with things I can’t let go. So I suppose I’m sort of a collector with a really strong minimalist side!


If collector, what do you collect?

Everything. Clothes, mostly. It’s so hard to throw away clothes. Sure, maybe I don’t need these leopard-print jeans NOW – but what if I have some crazy costume party to go to in a few years? I struggle with this.


If more minimalist, what about your lifestyle that you particularly enjoy?

I love how much more calm I feel in a room with little in it. I love knowing exactly what’s around me, and what purpose it serves, and why I have it. I love the idea of a small, capsule wardrobe too – I just can’t make it happen!


Your favourite activities?

Surfing, yoga, reading, writing, cycling, blogging, drinking mango smoothies …

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So, in an ideal day, what would you want to do?

Wake up early (hardly every happens) and head for the beach. Go for a long swim (or surf, if I lived close by where that was possible). A smoothie for breakfast at home, followed by a yoga practice, and then on to my laptop to start the day. A couple of hours of writing and editing, sorting through blog posts and photos and videos, and then out for an hour or so with a friend for a long lunch. If it WAS an ideal day, I might get a couple of rolls of film back 🙂 Another couple of hours of working, and then a long bike ride. I have a list of things I like to try and do every day that’d I go through then – journalling, meditation, watching something that really makes me laugh, sitting outside for a few minutes. And then dinner with my family, followed by reading and some schoolwork, and maybe a sunset back on the beach.


I mean, that’s a practical kind of ideal day. I’d also love to spend all day surfing or shooting, or visit every art gallery in the city, or go skiing – but, as far as practical goes, that’s a perfect day for me.
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I have to ask, what is your favourite type of tea?

I actually don’t drink tea!! Occasionally I’ll try all the samples in a T2 store with my friend, but honestly, I never really have. It is something I want to give a go this year, however.


Do you have a favourite book, and if so, why do you like it so much?

Oh, this is impossible. I have several favourites for different reasons, I suppose. The Book Thief, because the writing is superb. That’s a terrible word to use to describe it, but I don’t have a wide enough vocabulary. When I re-read this book, I’m constantly reading out sentences and phrases to my mum. It’s so beautiful and fresh and unexpected. The Night Tolkien Died, which is a collection of short stories my mum bought for me for $2, because it really changed me when I was a few years younger. And Harry Potter – because I finished the series when I was 7, and I’ve re-read it at least 30 times. It’s a comfort kind of thing.


Your favourite place to read, or relax?

Reading in bed is my absolute favourite. But if I want to relax, I head for the ocean. I feel most grounded and happy there.


Your favourite place to blog or work?

Lying on the ground in front of the TV (especially in Summer, when it’s switched to tennis). Or, if I need a more focused environment, the dining room table or my bed.


What is great about where you live?

I grew up on an island, and I recently moved away (only half an hour away, though), but I’m still living by the coast. That’s my absolute favourite part of where I live. I can’t imagine living somewhere that wasn’t close to the sea. I’m also living somewhere very relaxed, very casual, which I love. In general, I think I’m in love with Australia because of how diverse it is, how laidback it is. It’s just home. 


And finally, what are your goals for this year or for the future?

In the future, I just want to be doing what I love. I want to be able to wake up a few minutes from the beach, with people I love, and dive headfirst into a day of absolute crazy. Working on a novel, running Seafoam, being involved in videography and photography, teaching and practicing yoga, studying pyschology and philosophy – I’m happiest when I have too many projects, too little time, and too many ideas. 


Thanks for chatting with me Abby!

I hope you’re all inspired by this little interview, I felt like I related to so much – she’s such a cool person right!? Check out her blog seafoaming.com


If anyone else would like to be featured in an interview/collaboration (or would want to interview me, for some strange reason), then please contact me in the comments below, on my about me page,  or DM me on Instagram @jasminesophiesmith or twitter @cuppajasmine



Jasmine x

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