In Love With February // R A M B L I N G S

February is a short month, so it really doesn’t seem like a long time ago when I did my last ‘in love with’ post (which is here, if you’re interested), but I’ve still got lots of things to talk about this month!

(For those of you who don’t know, this is a monthly post where I talk about things I’ve been loving, and I take pretty pictures to illustrate them)

Here’s what I’ve been in love with in February;

Pink and pale green/turquoise

This combination is the perfect transition from the full on colours I’ve been loving recently, which you can see in this drawing post, like intense teal and bright pink. While I still love these colours (I feel they will forever be my staples), I’ve been more attracted to paler colours this month. I think it’s the slow transition into spring that we’re experiencing in the UK right now; the brightening and rebirth of the world around us.

I’ve been satisfying my cravings for these colours; in my clothes choices, picking out pieces from the sales that just automatically jump out at me, choosing outfits with paler tones; and also my general purchases, a nice selection of stationary from Ohh Deer (post about them coming soon) seems to have found it’s way onto my desk; and in my photography . I just seem to have been subconsciously drawn to these colours in one way or another.


Shirts as jackets

 I have come back to this old favourite style staple, because I thought I’d try it out again. I recently did a wardrobe sort out, and found a couple of old shirts that I wore all the time. I thought it was about time to invest in another shirt or two, so in the January sales I did just that, and I’ve been wearing them a lot this month.

I love to layer a shirt over a t-shirt, preferably a statement tee with writing so it goes with my patterned shirts and my plain ones, and with a skirt. Or I might wear a dress with the long shirts over the top. Or maybe I’ll make it really casual with a pair of loose fitting trousers, with the shirt hanging loosely at my calves, making me the stereotype of an art student. I then add necklaces, and my basic ring that I wear most of the time. It’s honestly a style that can’t go wrong, and so good and easy for uni.


My new necklace

Talking of necklaces, I bought a new one to refresh my collection a bit (it was also a bargain in the sales). I love it because you can wear it short like a choker, or longer over jumpers and things, and it’s also perfect for layering as it’s nice and light and minimal in style. The main reason I love it though is really nerdy – it looks like the diagram for cyclohexane, or benzene if you’re being simplistic and scientifically wrong. It reminds me of Chemistry A-level, and a little in-joke we used to have in our class. Anyway, it’s a really cute necklace.


I have a, what some might call unhealthy, obsession with sketchbooks. I buy sketchbooks all the time, whenever I’m in an art shop I will be tempted by the sketchbook section. Maybe it’s their crisp new paper, their mysterious black covers, or the potential I can see in them for art projects. Whatever it is, I just love them. I’ve sorted out a new system for organising and storing all my sketchbooks (which I’m going to blog about), which has got me looking at old ones, and giving me lots of inspiration for using some of my new ones.

I’ve been flicking through empty sketchbooks and jotting down ideas for what I can use them for – yes I’m that type of artist/designer. I’ll list things, plan things, sketch things that I want to do before I do them. Some think it’s an inhibiting way of working, but it’s just how my brain processes, and I find categorisation and separation using different formats of sketchbook the best way for me to work. I find a sketchbook is a perfect way of creating art, either just to sketch on it’s pages your ideas, hold a series of works that link cohesively, or have a theme running throughout, showing the journey or process of your work. Sketchbooks are a big deal to me okay.




Orange is the new black

 I know I’m very late to this show, but I just recently got Netflix (really into this free month trial thing), and saw it on there. I was originally not keen to watch it as it didn’t sound like my thing, and it had got a lot of hype so I thought it must be just another terrible American TV programme (sorry, I know, I’m a hipster who only likes unpopular/underground things, [jokes] deal with it). But I thought, why not? and proceeded to watch the first episode, and I got sucked into it, and somehow I’ve now watched the entire thing – all 4 series. And I loved it. I have a few issues with it, but overall it was very enjoyable, and I’m really looking forward to the next series.


New ideas

 I feel like I’m full to the brim – on the point of overflowing – with ideas at the moment. With my ongoing uni project going okay, this leaves me time to do more things outside of that as well, to keep my creative self going. I’ve got so many good ideas for this blog, I’ve recently revamped my idea and organisation method (yes, I said I was type of person) and I’ve been having a lot of new ideas. I’m really looking forward to continue posting, and I’m keeping up well with my new personal goal of posting at least twice a week (well kind-of).

On the ideas front, I’ve also been really into my own little art and design projects. Like I mentioned in this post in the sketchbooks section I’m thinking of lots of things I can be doing, art based things, and also more product design ideas to start creating a more extensive portfolio. I’m working on a professional site at the moment to house my portfolio, but at the moment you can check out my portfolio Instagram, which is actually very out of date and I need to upload a lot of things.

My mind is almost confused it’s got so many ideas up there.




 As I just mentioned, I’ve been really getting into art – all things art. My own projects of course, and my little sketches (and new art journal, which I will be blogging about very soon). But I’ve mainly been getting inspired by other artists – collating mood boards, going to galleries, researching online, through my Pinterest account. I’ve started a couple of boards on Pinterest dedicated to my projects, you can follow along here, and see where I get some of my inspiration from, and you could also maybe start your own project within these themes, that would be fun – maybe an idea for a future artsy collaboration. Project // Grow, Project // collections, Project // Tea Ceremonies, Project // Hanging.



Porridge for breakfast is brilliant. Also porridge for dessert. How about porridge at 2am in the morning when you can’t sleep so decide to do an all-nighter and get some work done? Yeah I’ve been loving porridge, it’s so simple and easy, and as a uni student in halls it’s so convenient. You just buy a massive bag of porridge oats, and it’ll last you for months, all you need to do when you don’t have anything else in – or can’t be bothered to get anything – is add milk, or if you’re being super lazy and haven’t been to shops in a while and your milk is out of date, then just water. (I think this shows way too much insight into what my uni life is like, oh dear). I’ve been having mine just plain as this is really delicious, or with fruit like plums, apples and bananas, and I’ve tried mixing in tea and coffee, which are winning combinations believe me.



With my new surge of ideas relating to blogging, I’ve also been consuming more content. There’s been quite a few content creators I’ve been loving the work of, people I’ve followed for a little while, and also new-found blogs. A few favourites are; Rosy Vogue, Messy Lovers, Seafoam, Folkbird, Wildflower magazine, lovely and free, and Luxe Couture. Coincidently, I’ve just done an interview with Abby, creator of Seafoam blog, which is the start of an exciting new segment to my blog, see it here T E A T I M E // with Abby Strangward. I love seeing new, interesting content, and these blogs are just a few examples of nice design, great photographs, interesting articles, and inspiring posts – which I think are the things which make up a great blog. Say hi in the comments below if you think I should take a look at your blog too!

Everyday walk

 In wintertime I’m very tempted to just stay indoors and curl up into a little cocoon until summertime when I’ll emerge a beautiful butterfly and fly through the sky and sit on lots of flowers and fly into peoples faces – (well that metaphor got out of hand). But I’ve made a point of going for a walk everyday, to get in a bit more exercise, and keep my mind and body awake. I said I would do in my ‘resolutions and so far I’ve been pretty good with doing this. I just fill up my new tea flask with tea (or shockingly sometimes coffee), and wrap up well and get outside. I usually just walk down to the nearby park, walk around there for a bit and head back, sometimes stopping for a few essentials from the shop.

And finally,

here’s a little round up of what’s been happening on my blog this month;

My 2016 Review // R A M B L I N G S


Turkish Delight Brownies // C R E A T I O N S


Knightshayes House – pt2, Devon // A D V E N T U R E S

T E A T I M E // with Abby Strangward


Jasmine x

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