Green Smoothie // C R E A T I O N S


So, I’ve finally delved into the world of smoothies, by making my own green smoothie. I’d thought I’d try out this strange food fad. They have this reputation for being extremely healthy and sounding disgusting yet actually tasting good – but that’s not why they interest me. let’s be honest, with me, the main attraction was the vibrant green colour it creates (and using up left over spinach in the fridge). I’m not a food expert, so I won’t go into the nutritional value of smoothies, or lack thereof, because I literally wouldn’t know what I’m talking about – all I know is that they taste and look great, I’m not really bothered about the uber-healthy stereotype.

Ages ago I made a blog post about smoothie bowls, with an infographic on how to put one together, and I guess that recipe could be used with any normal smoothie, including a ‘green smoothie’. Take a look at it here.

For this smoothie I blended together banana, pear (which makes it really sweet), spinach and milk. I then added a dollop of tahini paste on top and sprinkled with cinnamon, which really adds a lovely rich flavour to it. It’s funny how much you can’t taste the spinach in it, there’s just a really earthy and fibrous quality, with the fruitiness of the banana and pear. I think next time I would add more spinach, and maybe some seeds or oats to make it a lot thicker. Healthy, or not healthy, it still tasted refreshing and indulgent.




On a side note, this glass I drank it from is interesting, it was hand-blown by a little niche company, and has a very organic look. I think it makes the smoothie look ever cuter, and with a natural feel, complimenting the greenness.

I hope you liked my post, the photos are a bit outdated as I took them in the summer, but I tried to jazz them up a bit.

Who else has tried a green smoothie before, did you enjoy it, or was it a bit meh?


Jasmine x

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3 thoughts on “Green Smoothie // C R E A T I O N S

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