How I Wear Metallic Boots // S T Y L E


Introducing my newest obsession – Metallic boots.

Specifically these metallic boots. I recently picked them up in the sale from New Look for £10 (yes, only 10 quid ladies and gentlemen), and I’ve been wearing them excessively, and with any outfit I can.

Aren’t they beautiful?



When it comes to shoes, I don’t have a huge range, or anything outlandish or statement, so these boots are definitely mixing things up for me. I’ve had to learn how to style them, and what suits them better, and the different situations I can wear them in (I’m talking uni practicality).

I’ve chosen my four favourite ways too wear these metallic boots, and picked out the best pieces I would wear them with. Maybe you could try these looks too?


Wearing a short skirt with heels is a classic look that I’d probably avoid at the best of times because I have a short torso, and it coincidently makes me look shorter (I know, weird, have a word with the people who made me will you?) This isn’t the case with these boots though, they really elongate my legs, without making me look strangely proportioned, and gives my outfit elevation (literally) – being both cute and elegant at the same time.

I would wear this pink mini skirt/skort with a slouchy jumper or tee, to balance the shiny-glamour of the boots to make a casual everyday outfit. I really like the sixties vibe this outfit gives off, which is perfect for the current ‘any-decade-in-the-20th-century-is-coming-back’ trend. There’s a lot of sixties influences around at the moment, and this style of metallic boot is really reminiscent of go-go boots, being patent, block heeled and tight around the ankle/leg.



Of course, just a simple pair of jeans – the epitome of casual outfits – can be worn with these metallic boots, because everyone has jeans right? Well, I actually only own one pair (I know, shock horror), and it’s these in the picture, simple straight legged, high-waisted jeans – the perfect thing to wear with these boots. They cut off at the ankle, just above the boot, which is very flattering to the leg. I think this has a real seventies look to it, which is a major trend for this year especially, and what would make that even better is a rough, cut, fraying hem. Maybe even a stepped hem. And possibly a few holes in the legs of the jeans as well for good measure.



Wide leg trousers, or culottes, are perfect to wear with this style of boots. I’ve been really loving how culottes have taken over the fashion scene the last couple of years, with their comfort and flattering look –  they’re like the best parts of trousers and skirts combined. These boots add an elegance, and a certain ‘busy-boss-lady’ vibe (totally perfect for London, not going to lie). I’ve chosen this black jumpsuit as a favourite to wear with my metallic boots, as it is perfect for day-time wear to uni, and also for going out. I love how the wide-leg cuts off mid-calf with a certain amount of lower-leg showing above the boots, perfect for layering with socks (which is something I regularly do in chilly England) in the daytime, to make it a more cute and preppy look.



Midi skirts have been as popular as culottes in the past few years, and are really having a moment this year. I find them so glamourous and cute and practical all at the same time. They are my absolute favourite thing to wear, so of course I had to style them with my new boots. I wore this skirt from zara with a t-shirt (similar to this look I’ve posted on Lookbook), and I’ve also tried it with jumpers, which gives the best casual, arty look. I love how clean cut and simple it looks – almost minimalistic – with the block-heeled boots and plain colour.

This is definitely my favourite way to wear these boots, so I’ll be coming back to this outfit again and again.


I hope you enjoyed this post, an insight into my fashion choices. I haven’t posted a style post in ages, so let me know if you liked it and would want to see more of this type of thing.


Jasmine x

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6 thoughts on “How I Wear Metallic Boots // S T Y L E

  1. I’m really loving your content atm! I mean, I always really like it but your blog is SLAYING. The outfits are great – and that New Look shoe sale was AMAZING. I got a pair of baby pink velvet boots too 😀 x

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