Cranberry + Blood Orange // T E A T I M E


Here’s a traditional Jasmine-style tea review. Today I’m trying Twining’s Cranberry and Blood Orange tea.

I actually got this tea last year for the Christmas period, and the reason why it isn’t finished yet is because it’s a little… strange. As far as herbal teas go it’s nice in my opinion, but is still quite sharp and weird. It’s a unique taste, that’s for sure, but there are actually promising ways of using this tea.


The packaging is very simple and a statement design and colour. The teabags themselves are just squares, which you normally find with this range of Twining’s teas. It is obviously the cheapest way of doing it, but not the most exciting or pretty experience – but you know, it’ll do.


The tea itself is very pretty, the redness and mix of colours could almost make you mistake the ‘leaves’ for tiny jewels. The smell it gives off is actually very nice, and while it’s brewing it’s really fruity and fresh.


The colour of this tea is amazing, that’s probably the best thing about it in my opinion, perfect for adding to cocktails, or at themed parties where you want to pretend it’s blood, or a potion, or something like that. I did actually make a cocktail with it, ages ago, see this post. As soon as the boiled water hit the tea bag, clouds of red seeped from it, billowing into the water, getting stronger and deeper, and looking, actually quite magical. I think it’s a very novel tea, even if the taste is a bit strange.


You seriously want to consider trying this tea with lots of sugar, as it does make it more like a warm fruit juice. It brings back childhood memories of sipping warm Ribena in my grandma’s garden. Also iced, this tea practically would be fruit juice. The ‘pure’ taste, is actually quite disappointing, after you’ve smelt it, and seen the beautiful colour bloom in the water, to find it is a weak, bitter, vaguely citrusy flavour. I would be very tempted to brew it with a normal black tea bag so you get more traditional tea flavour, stir in sugar, then pour over ice.



I hope you’ve found this post inspiring, or at the very least, pretty looking. Let me know if you try the tea, or if you have a specific tea you’d like me to review, I’m open to suggestions.

Don’t forget that I’m also searching for people to interview and collaborate with for this ‘teatime’ series. Let me know if you want to take part.


Jasmine x

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