Ohh Deer Stationary + Planner // P R E T T Y T H I N G S


Stationary is one of those things that you just need in your life – especially for a design interested and influenced person like myself. I’ve often said that my heaven on earth is a stationary shop, and I think I’ve found my online heaven; Ohh Deer.

Ohh Deer is an online illustrated gift shop that sells stationary, and homewares, and gift items. They have a large range of illustrators who create the visual art for their pieces, like beautiful notebooks and funny greetings cards. You should definitely have a look, because there’s something for everyone there. (Thank you oh thank you Sunbeamsjess for introducing me to this site)

I, of course, had to buy some things for myself in their huge sale at the start of this year, and this is what I received.
***I talk more about planners near the end of the post***

The box was surprisingly cute, a pretty blue colour, with the slogan ‘illustrated for life’ printed on the front, and the site address on the back. When I opened it up to find my goodies I was, I have to admit, very excited. Stationary just has that effect on me. (if you want to get on my good side, just buy me stationary, seriously).


This Beautiful sketchbook was really a little extra as it was so cheap, but I’m really pleased by it. It’s a glorious marbled pattern, with metallic lettering and staples. It’s a little smaller than A4, which I think makes it unique.


This notebook is a little different to something I might normally get, as I’m not a fan of lined notebooks. But I really, really, really liked the cover, I guess it appeals to my adventurous spirit, or I can just relate to the fact I want most people to get lost. I’ll use this as my diary when I’ve got to the end of my last one, I think that would be appropriate.


I was very excited about this item, as it sounded fun and different. It’s a daily doodle book, where there are different drawing prompts for everyday of the year, in the form of single words in categories. As you can see, the first one is a two-toed sloth, and I’ve had a little draw. I think this book will be perfect for getting me started in the morning, making me feel more creative, and perhaps leading into other projects if I get inspired by a particular word. It will also be a bit silly and funny, as some of them are very interesting words!

I’ll be blogging what I’ve been drawing over on Life As a Jasmine (my ‘everyday’ blog) every few weeks, so If you want to see how I’ve been getting on with it, then please go and follow me there.


My washi tape collection is steadily growing, and this beautiful copper tape is the newest addition. (see my post Washi Tape + Pens // P R E T T Y T H I N G S) I’m not sure I need to tell you why I bought it, it’s just… so… pretty…


This is definitely my favourite item from the haul. It’s a daily journal, with an absolutely beautiful cover; the photos don’t do it justice. It’s a lovely teal colour, mixing in with all these other bright colours with a distressed effect. The writing on the front is a simple embellishment, and has a metallic finish, which really completes the look of the notebook.


What I’m really excited about with it, is the pages inside. They’re all printed, like you’d expect in a diary, in a layout like you can see below. It’s such an efficient way of using a daily journal. There aren’t specific days at the top, you just write in the date when you need to use it, and as a person who definitely doesn’t use a journal everyday, or can’t be bothered to keep up my own bullet journal style thing, this is a perfect layout!

You have space for a to-do list, and the main objectives/projects of the day, also plenty of space to write general notes about the day, and most importantly, a timetable. I find this so useful, as I can plan out when I need to do certain things, like when I have a class at uni, or when I need to go to the shops, or complete a certain project by. I also like using the projects/objectives boxes at the bottom, they show me at a quick glance, what I’m focusing on in that day, for example, blogging, sketch modelling for a project, writing an essay. Of course, I also love the little doodle space – I can make my functional journal look pretty as well.


I’m pleased with my stationary haul, and they’ll all definitely be used a lot, and they can look super pretty while I’m using them. Thank you Ohh Deer for existing, the heaven of online stationary shopping.



Who else is in love with stationary? You should definitely check out Ohh Deer’s site if you do.


Jasmine x

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