Tulips and Teal // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

I’m really feeling in a spring mood at the moment, and I’m loving all the things that make it a great time of year; flowers, nature, smells, birds, sunshine… Today I wanted to share with you some imagery that really captures the essence of spring, in my eyes – (I guess my whole blog is about seeing the world through my eyes).

For mothers day I bought some beautiful tulips for my mum, as they’re her favourite flower, and they were so pretty. I also got her some art materials because she is very like me in the fact she believes you can never have enough art materials. The bag they came in was this lovely teal/turquoise colour, which complemented the flowers wonderfully. I swear I see various hues of pink and green colour combinations in everything (see my feb favs post).




I also really loved my outfit this day, surprisingly dark for my usual spring wardrobe, but I’m getting used to the climate adjustment still (wait until next post for some exciting style related things). This deep teal dress is so casual and comfortable and when I wear my coat with it, it can look so smart and put together. Paired with the tulips, I thought the whole look was very spring-like in it’s mood, so there’s also a few photos of me in with the mix – I’m pretty sure a decent summary of my entire blog is me prancing around with flowers.

Don’t forget to follow me on Lookbook, where I’ve posted this look, and where I’m attempting to post my outfits everyday. It’s honestly a great site for inspiration, so if you’re needing some spring style motivation I would recommend taking a browse through the site, after hyping and liking my looks of course, (I’m great at subtle self-promo).

I love spring…




I feel like this post is really what I want to create on my blog, so it’s very satisfying to have finally reached a point where I’m content with my content (wow non-English speakers I’m sorry for that phrase), and producing what I love. The feeling of this post is pretty much how I see the world, so if you’re into that, you should stick around for more if this sort of thing.

See you in a few days, with a style post!


Jasmine x

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3 thoughts on “Tulips and Teal // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

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