In Love With March // R A M B L I N G S

I know in my last post I said a style post was coming next, but I realised that March has just ended so my March favourites seems a more suitable post right now! There’s a spring style outfits + tips post coming next, which you should stick around for.

March has finally come to an end, which has been a long and interesting month. I try and keep these favourites posts down to 10 things so it doesn’t go on forever, because I feel like I could rave about a lot of things I’ve loved over March! (it’s still a pretty big post, so brace yourselves)

Don’t forget to also take a look at last months if you want to see how I’ve developed from that – February’s favourites post

I’m currently in love with;





Fashion in general

I’ve been very into fashion this last month, meaning that I’ve been reading magazines, and searching the internet, watching Youtube videos, browsing Lookbook, and people spotting (one of my favourite activities), to just consume a lot of fashion inspiration, because I just like doing it as a person interested in design, aesthetic, and people. When it comes to my style, I’ve also been feeling very excited about it recently for some reason. I have ‘acquired’ (aka, spent way too much money on) lots of clothes before Christmas and in January (sales ya know), so I’ve been trying out all sorts of new things, combining different pieces and styles, having a bit of experimental fun with it. I find a lot of people dismiss fashion as vain and fickle (it as sure as hell can be), but to me, it’s a chance to experiment, indulge in design, create an image for yourself, express certain moods, and to just generally be a hobby and something you can feel passionate about.

There’s several style posts in the making, so watch out for some of my new found inspiration, and I’ve been trying to post daily on my Lookbook account.



Obviously it’s fully fledged spring now, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I always forget how much I love spring until it comes around again, when everything starts to literally spring to life – I love this time of year. The weather, the birds, the flowers, the spring feeling… It’s all so happy and overwhelming. The past two weeks I’ve been off from uni and back in lovely Suffolk, which intensifies the feeling of spring even more. If you want to read more of me going on about spring things you should take a look at this post where I’m incredibly nostalgic (it’s a weakness). Also, my last post, here, was very spring themed, and I’d like to continue creating that sort of thing – spring just feels so hopeful.




Metallic boots

I got some new amazing metallic boots that I’ve been wearing a lot this month. You should go and see this post to see how I style them, and what I’ve been wearing with them. ‘Nuff said – they’re brilliant.


The theory of everything

This film is beautiful. It is such a euphoric experience watching it, and even though it was the second I’ve watched it, I still was watching it closely wondering what was going to happen, and still so emotionally effected by it. It really brought me to tears – like sobbing your eyes out tears. I think it’s a combination of ambition, family, loss, love, and determination that make it so emotionally wearing. The cinematography is great, and Eddie Redmayne is one of my all-time favourite actors; you really believe he is Stephen Hawking.




Circa Waves

I loved this band when they first got popular a few years ago, with T-shirt weather – my favourites being ‘so long’ and ‘stuck in my teeth’ – but then I sort of stopped listening to them as they do sound a bit repetitive and get on my nerves if I’m not in the right mood. When I heard that they finally have a new album coming out though, I was so excited to see what they put out. I was not disappointed with the singles they released ahead of the album; I – am – in – love. ‘Fire that burns’ is such a great song, with the classic indie/rock circa waves style, with great lyrics, interesting contrasts, and amazing singing. It also gives me hope that this album will be darker and deeper than the last, and give more of a heavier sound. I’m also really enjoying ‘Stuck’, and ‘Wake up’ as more insightful, with lyrics commenting on everyday life, than the nostalgia of ‘t-shirt weather’. (Update – I think their song ‘Goodbye’ is possibly my favourite of this year so far – oh my gosh it’s amazing – Also I’ve been posting quite a few music recommendations on my life as a Jasmine blog, check it out)




Art journaling

I mentioned last month that I’ve been having lots of new ideas, for projects and arty things – well this month I’ve started working on some of them. I’ve started doing art in my new art journal, which I’m working on an introductory post so you’ll be able to see more of what I’ve been up to. I love this as I can freely do what ever I want in it, dependent on my mood and what happened in the day – it’s a visual record of what’s been going on in my life. (I can also use my washi tape collection, in the photo above I’m using it to mask a border – you’ll see more in a later post)





Home baked bread

Going home for Easter means that I get to eat my mothers cooking and baking. She loves baking bread, so it would be unusual if there wasn’t the smell of freshly baked bread at least once a week. She makes this simple loaf that is just proper bread, and I just end up eating it all the time until the loaf is finished – bread is great, there’s never any excuse to not eat bread. I also think the bread basket is an interesting shape, and it creates a great pattern (and crust) on the bread –  I like picking up on little things like that.






For pancake day at the end of February I bought a bottle of honey, and I’ve literally been using it all the time since then, adding it to anything I can – it’s nearly run out. I love squeezing it over natural yoghurt and maybe adding some fruit, it is one of the most glorious flavour combinations you could eat. I remember giving some to my sister to try and her face just lit up with happiness, similar to the face of ‘I’m eating chocolate cake’, and she was so surprised how good it tasted. I’ve also been adding it too cold coffee as a sweetener that’s better than just normal sugar. In the photos above I’ve briefly shown my method to make it – Add instant coffee powder to milk (admire the pretty pattern it creates), drizzle in honey, whisk with a coffee frother. It’s honestly beautiful.


Conan Gray

I don’t think I’d normally especially mention just one person, but I really think this guy deserves a mention, and maybe any of you will find him as inspiring as I do. I love listening/watching to his youtube videos when doing artwork and working, when I don’t necessarily need to be that focused on what I’m doing. It’s so relaxing, and puts me in the right mind space – we all hate the wrong mind space. If I’m not feeling like myself, then I’m just not happy, I don’t feel like what I’m doing is worth the time, or that I’m worthy of doing anything. His videos help the smallest bit in making me more positive, and in the right mind frame. There’s no pressure, there’s no struggling to keep up, or having ideas flying left right and centre with prospects of become great things, which just start to jumble and mess up my mind. There’s a fine line between being inspired and being obsessive, being creative and being destructive. I find his videos and his being to be relaxing and they seem like living in the moment, and appreciating being alive. I don’t really mind how stupid it must sound in writing, I just want to try and get across what I’m thinking. I know I haven’t assessed my mental health much in this blog, because I want it to be a happy space, and I haven’t wanted to let on how I’ve been feeling. I guess this is a little window into it – maybe I’ll talk more about it in the future. All I want to say is thanks Conan.





Detox from blogging

I’m very hesitant about using the word ‘detox’ as it’s sort of been claimed by the dieting world but I’m sure you get what I mean. I feel like I’ve almost become obsessed with blogging. I just needed to take a break and do other things, which In turn should give me great content. This month I just took a mini step back and realised I was too much absorbed in this blogging sphere, and not enough in the real world (the very very very real world – it’s very real). I knew that I needed to live for living’s sake, and then blog about it, rather than living for bloggings sake, and then enjoying it. If that makes sense –  I don’t know how to explain it any better. It’s about the way I should approach things, and kind of trying to stop my mind becoming a mess of things so I can’t see through the fog.

To help with this I’ve been doing more art stuff and things like I said I wanted to last ‘in love with’ post. I’ve been making the most of my Easter break and being at home just relaxing really. And just being more casual and laid back about everything – taking things slowly. And as a result I’ve actually produced some of the best blogging content I have for a while; stuff I’m content with, and satisfied with. Things that make me feel creative and inspired, not copied and rushed.


(Yup, that’s all the favourites – you can breathe now)


Talking about blogging… here’s a recap of all my posts from March;


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Spring Nostalgia //  R A M B L I N G S


Tulips and Teal // P R E T T Y T H I N G S



Also, I’ll just say thank you to all my new followers! I’ve now hit the 200 mark – which may not sound much to some, but as a hobbyist small lifestyle blogger, it means a lot that people enjoy my content.


See you soon,


Jasmine x





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