Spring Transition Outfits + Tips // S T Y L E

Oooh, you’re starting to give fashion advice are you Jasmine? that’s a bit immodest and courageous of you isn’t it? (you’ve also started talking to yourself, but you knew you were mad anyway right?)

I just wanted to share with you today 3 outfits that I’ve been wearing in the start of the spring season. I find that the transition from winter to spring in terms of styling clothes is one of the hardest, because it seems as if you’ve been slumped in the cold, dark winter for so long, staying in and watching Netflix while eating food in your most casual and loose pieces (or is that just me?). Of course I didn’t just do that (no really) but it can kind of seem like it when the sun starts to come out and the days get longer and the world starts growing around you, people start doing more things and you feel like you’ve been kept in some sort of winter induced coma. Over winter I would rely on my jumpers and long skirts and tights and coats and boots and layers upon layers or tops and shirts, and now it’s springtime, it almost feels scary to dress in any other way.

Hopefully I can inspire you all, as well as myself, with some ideas for what to wear this spring time, to get out of the rut of a winter wardrobe, or just help influence your style choices.

I’ve picked 8 tips/ideas/items that I think will help in the transition from a winter to a spring wardrobe, which are grouped with the outfit where I’m wearing it. Of course these are just a few ideas, there are many more things I could say, and I’ve kept it generalised so it can relate to any spring in any year, so you can work on your own style, and not just follow spring fashion trends – of course, I’ve suggested a few for this year, but I reckon another post on that will make it’s way to you in the near future… (*suspicious whistling*)





This outfit is slightly vintage inspired, and I’m absolutely in love with the skirt, which is a simple pleated midi; billowing and elegant, and very flattering. I’ve tried to lift the black with pastel tones, of my lilac top and pale patterned shirt. The socks just add a little detail which seemed to fit into my mood on that day – just a little frilly and pretty (don’t you find that you dress quite differently for your different moods?). I never like to feel too fussy with an outfit, so I kept it simple and didn’t wear any jewellery, just accented with my sunglasses, adding another vintage inspired element to the look.


Florals have always been in and will never go out of style. Obviously they are very appropriate for this time of year, with all the new flowers sprouting, and adding a pattern to your outfit is always a good idea. This year, to mix in with the whole minimal look fashion is going through, florals are big, bold and graphic – think blocks of colour, simple geometric shapes and large prints. This lovely shirt I’m wearing in the above outfit is a good example of an alternative floral, as it’s not just pink and flowery (not my thing at all), but has interesting shapes and colours.


Spring is the perfect time to start wearing skirts as it fits with the playful and fresh mood of the season, and it’s also a lot warmer. I would say normally you probably still need to wear tights for the colder days, but this year I’ve gone barelegged for quite a few days, which doesn’t normally happen until summer! Wear fishnet tights if you’re unsure.

Shirts as jackets

As I mentioned in my feb favs post I’ve been wearing a lot of shirts as jackets, as they’re so easy to style with anything. I think they’re great for this time of year as they add a light layer you can have under a coat for slightly coder days, or on it’s own where you can easily take it off if you get a sudden spell of sun (- apparently spring in the uk this year is very mild, so we’re very lucky to be getting warm weather!)

Outfit 2

outfit 2.2outfit 2.4

This next outfit is quite different to the last one, I wanted to show a more city orientated look, so when I took a trip to Notting Hill (west of London) I snapped a few photos of what I was wearing. The whole outfit makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together, with the boots really adding an edge to the otherwise quite casual pieces. This jumper was my favourite in winter time, so I wanted to adapt it to my spring wardrobe, which I did with these cropped leg trousers. It’s so unbelievably comfortable, which is very spring-like!


To ease the transition of your wardrobe, you can still wear your winter boots with your outfits. When it comes to boots there are loads of different types, and these silver ones from this outfit are quite dressy in terms of boot, so they’re great to wear with super casual things. Check out my post where I show how I style metallic boots. Doc Martens are great for all year round, so if you have some or some dupe ones then they’re great to wear with skirts and dresses for cute looks.


It’s still super cold in spring, especially in this transition period, so you can still carry on and style your jumpers. I love to wear loose jumpers over trousers and tight skirts to add some elegance, but if you’re a jeans person (trust me, I’m not) then they have so much versatility with jumpers – I would go for a long jumper with slits up the sides. Jumpers are great because you can just carry one in your bag and if the sunny spring day turns cloudy (like it probably will, cause yah know British weather) then you can just pull it on. You can also get beautiful pale colours of jumper that are spring suitable, like in the outfit below, and ones with embroidery on which would really fit into the current trend.



I feel so cute in this outfit, and as I said earlier in the post, I always dress so differently dependant on my mood, so obviously this day I was quite happy and content with my self, and feeling in a spring mood. This is an outfit I could literally spend the rest of my life in because it resonates so much with who I am – that may sound weird and a bit arty farty but, you know when you just really feel an outfit? As layering is a thing in fashion recently, I paired a tight jumper with this loose black slip tucked into my denim skirt – I’m hopefully doing a post all about layering and what pieces I like to layer. I’m loving the detail of the added pin in the middle of my jumper – it just gives a focal point and adds a cute unique element in place of jewellery.

Lighter Colours

Start indulging in springs stereotypical pastels to get some spring mood into your outfit. This jumper is a lovely pale pink, which goes well with the denim, and contrasts to the black slip top. I think starting to introduce more pastels and lighter colours into a dark or neutral winter wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to look more spring-like. Try wearing white pieces as well, and maybe try an outfit with no black in if that’s even possible (?!?!?).


Oh, how tumblr, wearing fishnets… But fishnets have been around a long time before tumblr, and they can add an extra something to your clothing. Wear fishnets for a softer colour than opaque tights when wearing paler clothes (if it’s warm enough of course). They are also good for layering under things as well – wanted to try out the trend of fishnets under jeans? just go for it, it actually looks so cute – and they are great for evening wear.


Denim is always in fashion, but I think it’s having a particular moment now, and spring is a great time to invest in some more unusual pieces rather than just your normal jeans. The paler the denim, the more versatility it has with lighter spring pieces. Try ripped denim, patched denim, demin wih patches, embroidered denim, denim skirts, jackets, overalls, a denim dress, and jeans of course. Also maybe trying the denim on denim look could work really well with a simple light colour for spring.

I hope you will try out any of these ideas, and let me know what you thought of this post! I’m really into these style posts now, I used to be apprehensive because I thought nobody would care, but I hope that at least one person enjoyed this! (I definitely enjoyed creating it, so I guess that’s me satisfied)

Happy Spring!


Jasmine x


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