Coffee + Galleries, (pt1) Suffolk // A D V E N T U R E S


If you’ve been on my blog recently or read any of my posts for about the last few months, you’ve probably worked out that I love spring. It’s such a lovely time of year, and I start doing so many more things. The weather has been amazing here in Britain this year – so mild and sunny – so I’ve been taking advantage of my Easter break to spend time with my family and explore more of Suffolk (my home county).

Last week we ventured to a little town called Sudbury. We had a lovely day out, mainly enjoying the twee-village charm of the place, and the lovely weather. I thought I’d share with you the day, what I got up to, and of course the photos I took – because it was too sunny and lovely not to have created beautiful photos. This is part one, look out for part two ‘Meadows + colourful houses’ soon…




First stop was of course to get a coffee. There’s a chain of coffee shops in Suffolk that do the absolute best coffee, I’m talking better than costa, and high end brands like illy, it’s just got such a fresh, rich beany flavour – you can read more on their website, and you could even buy some if you want.

A point of interest I’ll just draw your attention to is this amazing coffee table (it’s made from tree branches with a glass top). As a designer (design student/design-interested person, whatever you want to call me), of course I’m drawn to interesting and unique furniture. It gives me a few ideas related to a project I did at college last year – inspiration is always a good thing (it also toned in with the coffee colour brilliantly, because ya know I see the world in colours).


Here’s my sis pouring tea from a wonderfully designed teapot, because of course, the homewares are more important than the actual drink…





The main ‘tourist point’ of the town, is that a famous landscape painter came from Sudbury, and used it and surrounding Suffolk countryside as inspiration. Gainsborough is actually an interesting person, as artists tend to be (they always seem to have lives full of colour), and it was interesting to go and see his old house. It’s now been turned into a gallery, and a tourist attraction.




With the house, there’s a little garden, and it was delightful. All the flowers were out, there were bowering trees and luscious green was everywhere around me. I’m pretty much a sucker for pretty gardens; if I had to live the rest of my life in one, I’d never be unhappy.





I couldn’t help but pose in front of these beautiful flowers on the wall and bench, because you know my blog is basically just me posing with flowers. I love this elegant dress, as it’s so comfortable and very easy to wear, yet it gives me a very pretty look. I love the detail on the collar, and the back is open, so makes it cooler for this time of year along with the fabric being surprisingly light and floaty. (I’m not going to lie, at one point I felt like some sort of princess in her own secret garden).




Inside the house was the gallery, which at the moment has a contemporary exhibition as well as the permanent old masters collection. I love an art gallery I do, so it was very relaxing and inspiring to wander round and take in the paintings. My sort of art is more installation/ sculpture stuff (well I am a 3D designer), like this exhibit I blogged about, but I found these really interesting actually. I love Julian Perry’s work; the slightly surreal composition of realistic painting really struck a chord in me. I’ve started doing a bit more painting over the holiday because of seeing his work, wanting to perfect more techniques in realistic painting, and trying out similar compositions in maybe collage or 3D.






To be continued ….

I hope you enjoyed this very long and packed full post – don’t worry if you didn’t read all of it, most of the time I just write things to further set the mood of the photos, as they’re the important part. Make sure you come back for the second part soon, and let me know what you thought – tell me your own spring adventures!

Also, excuse the little gap in posting – I’ve had a busy and surprisingly exhausting couple of weeks with family visits, working, and packing. I’ve also had stuff to figure out. There’ll be a lot more posts the next two weeks cause I’m kind of inspired right now, and I’ve got a little series I starting soon.



Jasmine x


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