In Love With April // R A M B L I N G S


April is over already, and it’s May, which seems scarily close to being summertime – scary because I’m the sort of person who worries about using her time wisely and has a serious fear of missing out. Anyway, I’ve loved April as I was home from uni, and relaxing and doing a lot more stuff, going out a lot more.

So, here’s what I’ve been in love with this month… (See last months post to see how my favourite things have changed)


Tulips/spring flowers

If I haven’t gone on about it enough recently, I love spring, and everything about it, everything it evokes and all of the wonderful things I see around me. Flowers are one of my favourite things (if you needed me to say that then take another look at the name of my blog and my own name, and like half of my posts). I know mother’s day was in March, but the tulips I bought for my mum where beautiful, you can see them (and me prancing around like usual) in my post Tulips + Teal. In the many places I’ve been over the last month I’ve seen so many pretty flowers, you can see a few in my latest adventure post in Sudbury.




La Roux – cruel sexuality

Music wise this month, I’ve reignited a love of La Roux and her 80s style electric pop disco whatever-genre-it-is music. I love Elly Jackson’s voice, and the lyrics are amazing as well, but it’s mainly the sound that I enjoy. I’ve posted a few of my favourite tracks on my secondary blog Life as a Jasmine (and I post lots of other music and articles and photos), but I’ve more recently discovered her song ‘Cruel Sexuality’ and It is one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard in music. Savour the first time you listen to it as something to cherish (as I always say, you can only listen to a song for the first time once), and you’ll keep coming back to it because it has such a euphoric, intense, upbeat, yet chill sound.

I’ve also been listening to Circa Waves because my love for that band will never cease, and Nothing But Theives as well – a few new song discoveries have made my current playlist very interesting indeed (check out Drawing pins, neon brother and hostage)


Canvas shoes

I own two pairs of staple shoes that I wear in the everyday occasion, as I’m not one for being obsessed with shoes (the exception being these boots); my simple black, smart shoes, and my black lace-up canvas shoes. I’ve been favouring the latter more recently because they’ve just been the perfect thing to make my slightly more girly spring clothes look more casual, and they are very comfortable and practical. I have phases of a lot of clothes items, very dependent on what mood I’m in, so I guess I’m in more of a chilled and casual mood as of late – which I suppose is a good thing!





With the spare time that I had over April, I’ve got on with some of my sewing projects, which is something I’ve done since I was very young – I’ve always loved creating my own clothes from fabric and old garments. I’ve got a large pile of things to make, and I’ve started to complete some of them, I’m going to do a post about it in May, so I’ll explain and show all the things I’m going to make then.


Walks/outings in Suffolk

As it was the Easter break and I was at home from uni, I was obviously spending a lot of time exploring Suffolk, which is my home county (South East in the UK in case you don’t know). I love finding new places near where I live, and I love sharing them with my family and friends. Spring is a particularly beautiful time in Suffolk, as there is green everywhere, the flowers are so pretty, and there are lambs and birds and other baby animals. Walking in nature is one of my favourite things to do, and seeing towns and villages in this rural county is also calming and enjoyable.




Cereal as a snack

2 am in the morning? Perfect time to have a bowl of cereal. When I’m just a bit hungry and just need something to eat, there is something very satisfying about a bowl of cereal. When I was at home for Easter I just kept snacking on supermarket cornflakes, probably mainly to avoid consuming all of my Easter chocolate at once (I have little self-control).


Blog graphics

My Microsoft surface tablet is brilliant, for one thing I can do hand-drawn graphic work so much easier now! I’ve really been into creating graphics for my blog, like titles, and annotations and little drawings – you can see I started doing it at the beginning of the year – I love the simple effect it had on my ‘green smoothie‘ post, and then I really liked the outcome of my ‘metallic boots‘ post with elegant hand-lettered titles. But this month, I’ve kind of stepped it up a bit, and the result was in the form of titles for my Spring Transition Style post. I loved how they came out, and it takes hardly any effort to create -so when I need a little down-time I’ve put on some music and drawn some blog graphics. Some are for post ideas waiting to be written (isn’t that always the way), but mainly it was just for practice because It’s just fun.



War and peace

This is such an epic BBC drama; so intense but laid back at the same. I’m actually considering reading the book as it was such a good adaptation, this was the second time I’ve watched it, and it was a lot better than I remembered. The lead role could have been acted better, but there were some great castings otherwise, a lot of real characters that you enjoyed watching and see develop through the series. I loved the mixture of dramatic scenes and calm family scenes, really demonstrating the war and peace contrast, with great dialogue that really makes you think – about the horrors of war, and the point to life, and love, and why we go to war. It was such a cinematic series, with beautiful filming and music, really putting you in a ‘Russian’ setting, making it seem more real and intense.

The main reason why I watched it again was because it has Lily James in and I’m seriously in love with her at the moment (her acting and her person; she is so pretty and sweet). I also watched Cinderella because she was in it, and it made me so god damn happy. It was so pretty and light and magical and kind. I’m not the biggest Disney fan (although I did watch the traditional princess ones as a kid) , but it was just such a cute film, and she brought her light and bubbly personality to it in a beautiful way. If you’re into feel good films you should watch it, even if you think you’re beyond the age of Disney films.

Anyway, went off on a Lily James tangent there (no complaints from me). I seriously recommend watching war and peace. That is definitely not light watching, but it will be one of those things that makes an impact. Go and watch it, I think It’s still on Netflix.



I’ve been more and more into creating art recently (I mean, when do I ever stop really), but specifically painting. Over the last few years with college and uni I’ve been more into conceptual, graphic, mixed-media, and 3D art – and of course product design – but over April I’ve been getting stuck into doing painting because I’ve been inspired by several different things (mainly the overwhelming amount of sketchbooks I own).

I like the calm process of painting; setting up the space, thinking of what to do, choosing your colours, sketching the subject matter, mixing the colours, applying the paint…  It reminds me of painting while I was younger, when I’d often have a paintbrush in my hand, and GCSE art, when practically all we did was painting, and also my mum’s painting. She’s an artist and paints all the time, the house is full of half finished pieces, empty canvases and frames, and old art work –  when we cleared out the loft we found so many lovely pieces that we had to throw away because there’s just so much of it! My painting is actually very similar to my mum’s, not intentionally, but we both love colour, and similar subject matter, and Paint in a similar layering method.

When painting I love to listen to music, podcasts, radio shows, or undemanding YouTube videos while doing it, as it makes me relaxed and also entertains my mind while I’m doing the more tedious parts of a piece. You may have noticed this month that I haven’t posted much on this blog, that’s probably because I was painting instead – I’m writing a post about my absence on Life as a Jasmine, where I’m going into more detail, because I think it might make an interesting post. I’m hopefully going to be including more painting and art in my blog soon, as I’ll have a lot of things to share.




Floaty/pretty clothes

Spring has brought out the need in me to dress more femininely. Over the winter I became obsessed with a particular style, which included dark colours, loose fitting pieces, block shapes, interesting cuts, and simple, minimalistic outfits. Now that there is so much beauty around me I like to reflect that in my clothes because my mood is generally happy. While I don’t like fussy or really girly-girly clothes I love feminine pieces; flowing fabrics, elegant dresses, flower prints, light colours, pretty skirts, and more revealing clothes. See my post Spring Transition Outfits + Tips for more about my style, and some tips about spring dressing. I’ve even developed my style a lot since doing that post, which shows just how much I’ve fallen in love with this season, and how much I love wearing floaty and pretty clothes. I have a collection of clothes that I call my ‘princess’ or ‘fairy’ dresses, as they make me feel a bit like a princess or fairy, which is as much as anyone can want right?

I’ve got an interesting series coming up, which is showing spring style trends, this will hopefully be enjoyable and maybe useful, and capture the essence of spring and my style at the moment.





I had a bit of a break with blogging over April, so I’ve only got 3 posts to show for it (but I think they’re good quality), so here’s a little recap of the month on this blog;


Spring Transition Outfits + Tips //  S T Y L E

T E A T I M E // With Arianna Of Rosy Vogue 

Coffee + Galleries, (pt1) Suffolk //  A D V E N T U R E S 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite things from this April! Let me know what you’ve been loving recently. Have you had a good spring break? Or have you been enjoying the weather? Or have you been liking any of the same things as me?



Jasmine x


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