Meadows + Colourful Houses, (pt2) Suffolk // A D V E N T U R E S


One of my recent adventures was to Sudbury, a little town in Suffolk (my home county), with my family for the Easter Holidays, which was very beautiful and a great day out. To see the first half of the day, see the first post where I shared my photos and experiences – Coffee + Galleries, (pt1) Suffolk //  A D V E N T U R E S. Now I’ll take you through the rest of my adventure…



Lunch came and we stopped in at a cute little café. It was actually very lovely and delicious food, with the most amazing handmade coleslaw. And no café lunch is complete without a cup of tea.



We meandered around the town for the afternoon, seeing all the little shops, the market, and the beautiful houses. There were so many coloured houses, and lots of the traditional Suffolk pink colour, it made it a very interesting little town. There were several things to admire as we wandered down the various streets, and there was of course, many pretty flowers.




Continuing with the arty theme, we had to pop into an art shop, to take a look. Art shops are like sweet shops to me, and I have to persuade myself that I don’t need yet another sketchbook (read here about my love of sketchbooks). My mum needed to stock up on paint, so I browsed the selection they had. I’m always in love with the colour ranges of the paint tubes, and always displayed in such a pleasing way.


… more photos of the town, including some traditional Suffolk pink houses…




This was my favourite part of the day. I felt so … free. The meadows are the grassy area near the river that runs through the town, which is actually the Essex/Suffolk border. They felt so peaceful and tranquil and magical; full of life. This was another one of those times in my life where I felt like a fairy or something – spoiler, they happen often – and I wanted to run around and I was just so happy in that moment. I could imagine having a picnic with someone, dancing to music in our heads and dipping our feet in the water.



All in all, it was the perfect day, accompanied by the best people.



I loved spending time with my family this Easter holidays, and making the most of the weather this spring time. I hope you all had equally positive experiences – let me know what you’ve got up to recently and any fun adventures you’ve had!



Jasmine x


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