Ruffles Spring Trend // S T Y L E


Spring is one of favourite times of the year, and I like to reflect the life and beauty of the season into my clothes. The trends this year are actually very interesting, with a wide variety of styles that can fit into anyone’s wardrobe, and also have the ability to stand out a bit more, and try new ways of wearing things.

These trends have inspired me to create a few looks to show you, so I put up a backdrop and showed off a few outfits featuring a mixture of the trends.

I’m doing this style post as a way to show a part of my lifestyle (this being a lifestyle blog) and a little bit of the way my mind works (it also gives me the chance to do some more graphic editing and of course posing weirdly for photos) – and most importantly, capture the essence of spring and my style at the moment.



Ruffles Titles

I’m pretty sure everyone and their dog knows that ruffles are a large part of the spring fashion. There’s ruffles on everything, in all different sizes and different colours. There’s something so pretty and elegant about having ruffles of fabric sewn in accentuating places, and you do feel very spring-like.

Here are 3 outfits that represent the ruffle trend in my wardrobe. I like mixing the feminine look of the ruffles with more casual or androgynous things, as well as pretty things, which makes it suitable for different occasions. look out for the other trends I’m pointing out, as I may be doing a post on them later on in the series.

ruffles outfit 2DSC_0576black ruffles other

ruffles outfit 1DSC_0570lace ruffles other

ruffles outfit 3DSC_0589DSC_0583shirt ruffles other


Do you like to incorporate trends into your wardrobe? are you wearing ruffles this season? let me know what you current fashion loves are, and if you’ve enjoyed the post.


Jasmine x


6 thoughts on “Ruffles Spring Trend // S T Y L E

  1. Love how you styled these outfits! My fave is the one with the striped blouse. I am also a big fan of the ruffle trend 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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