Uprooted Book // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

I love collecting pretty things – having physical reminders of moments and places, cute objects to surround myself in an environment I love. I also have a large love of books, reading and fantasy, which is why this particular book drew my eye. I was charity shopping and saw the pretty, graphic cover design and fell in love with it. This sort of design is some of my favourite; simplistic blocks of colours while being detailed and intricate, almost like paper cutting, with the accent of golden foil.

I really like hard-backed books, even if they’re not the most practical thing to read (especially while in bed) and this book is a lovely turquoise colour (one of my favourite colours). It was such a special find, being only a few pence (I love charity shopping), with such an interesting sounding story. I haven’t read it yet, and at the moment it just stands in my room as part of the decoration – but I think it’s pretty enough to deserve that, right?



I will get round to reading it at some point, but I have got a particularly long reading list for this summer!

What pretty things have you seen recently? and what are your favourite objects? Do you love books? let me know what you love – and don’t forget that there’s a style post in my new spring trend series coming up next.


Jasmine x


4 thoughts on “Uprooted Book // P R E T T Y T H I N G S

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