In Love With May // R A M B L I N G S



May is a beautiful month, It’s like the summer is starting it’s brilliant love affair with us; teasing us with blistering days full of sunshine and opportunities, only to be cold the next day, raining on our parade. It’s a month full of surprises, but most importantly hope, and the beginnings of plans and adventures; it’s when we can start to fall in love with the world again.

This month I’ve been in love with a few things, but mainly with the feeling of summer, but I’ve chosen to share with you a few things that have been making me feel summery. This favourites post is only the fifth one I’ve done, but it seems like I’ve done them for years – you can catch up with my whole 2017 here : Jan, Feb, March, April.

I’m slightly sad and full of FOMO when I realise May has finished, but I’m also so excited at the prospect of a glorious summer, and my birthday in June! So, here are the 10 things I’ve been in love with in May;




I’ve put summer tentatively here, because I don’t want to jinx it and create a sudden hurricane or something, but it feels pretty much like Summer right now. With the end of May feeling like the middle of July, I’m so excited and hopeful for summer, and I’ve already started getting into the mood for it. Lots of time off to do creatively fun things with people I love – That’s exactly what I want now (3 weeks left of uni!).

London is a great place to be when the summer feeling hits, I can just walk out of my flat into the busy streets full of happy people glowing in the sun, laughing and swishing around in summer clothes. I feel the heat from the sun, but also the breeze rushing through the buildings – and within minutes I can be in parks, and galleries, and buildings, and shops, and coffee houses, and libraries, and places full of life. I’m in love with the calm chaos of summer in London.




It was mum and my sisters birthday (on the same day actually) and we had a weekend long celebration, full of games my sister wanted to play, family visits, and lots of food. My mum and my sister are amazing cooks, so the food was in large quantities and was beautiful – the cake was pretty amazing too. I think this is what this time of year is about, just having fun, celebating things, loving each other, and doing silly things!





With Summer comes the plans that you make to try and squeeze in as much as possible, to make the most of the sun and the free time. I’ve also been thinking further into my future as well, and got down a rough plan of my life for the next few years –  which sounds scary, but is actually quite freeing, realising that I can do so many things. I’ve been organising things to do – one likely exciting thing this year is a trip round the UK with some friends, kind of backpacking style. I’ve also got a large reading list, an even longer list of things to make, with lots of fun projects. I think I’ve spoken about it before, but I have a large list writing tendancy, so I can’t help but make many lists, and it helps formulate things in my mind, makes me motivated and inspired.




Frill bottom trousers

You know ruffles have been a trend for a while? (see my post on it here)… well, I think I’ve gone slightly crazy, and bought some trousers with frills on the bottom, that look like something straight out of the seventies. I really wouldn’t look out of place performing an Abba tribute act, and I actually wore a costume very similar when I took part in dancing in a Panto. They are strange, but I love them – maybe because they make me feel silly, which ultimately suits my personality. They are so darn comfortable, and are actually perfect for wearing under things with a dropped hem (like a tulle slip, long jumper, or T-shirt dress). If you absolutely must have your own pair, they were from Zara (surprise surprise), but they would actually be really easy to DIY.




If you’ve ever been to a Pret A manger and got their cheddar ploughmans, then you know that It’s pretty much the epitome of sandwich heaven (I may be exaggerating a bit there, but you get what I mean). Since I’m a student in London I don’t want to be spending all that money on store bought sandwiches – so I’ve tried to recreate them myself. I’ve recently been absolutely in love with making these ploughmans sandwiches, and I think I’ve got the method and quantities down to a T – mayonnaise, pickle, cheddar, cucumber, and lots of tomato; it really does take that little to make me happy.


New music

So, this month’s been a bit large for me in terms of listening to music, because a few of my favourite artists have decided to release new music, and I’ve been in love with it (who doesn’t love music from the bands you love). First up, obviously Haim, who everyone seems to be going mad about. I’ve loved them since I heard their performance at Glastonbury (via TV unfortunately), their sound so unique and pretty much all I want in a song.

Second new music favourite is from Nothing but thieves, one of my absolute favourite bands (I must see them live before I die) with the amazing song ‘Amsterdam’. I could go on about it all day, so I’ll just provide this sneaky link and you can form your own opinion (the music video is pretty cool too). I’m so excited for their album in September, as their style really seems to have picked up.

Last but not least, Muse have brought out a surprise track called Dig Down, which is pretty much an extremely positive response to the current political and social upheaval at the minute. How can I not love any Muse song? This one is such an iconic Muse experimental phase kind of sound, akin to Madness.





With blogging and including your own photos or graphics there comes a certain amount of editing. It may seem strange to say that I’m in love with editing (fellow bloggers understand that it’s not the most fun of tasks), but I actually am recently. This is mainly because I can play around with the way I present things, and cool colours and compositions. My post, Ruffles Spring Trend shows a little of that, and also my recent Lookbook posts, which are very fun to put together (follow me here).


Doctor Who

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who – how can I not be, it’s sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and it’s so bloody British. I’m a David Tennant girl, so he’ll always be ‘my Doctor’, but I’m seriously loving Peter Capaldi’s version – so much more than Matt Smith anyway – so I’m sad this is his last series. This series is so good, with some interesting classic Doctor Who stories, but I do have some problems with it, I’ll probably do a post on Life As A Jasmine about it soon. I loved his Doctors chemistry with Clara, and I miss her as a character! so I’m currently re-watching series nine as well, probably my favourite series since Tennant and Martha.





It’s basically summer now, lets be honest – and I’ve been in love with lemonade as something to keep me cool in hot London (I know, it’s weird isn’t it). I’m the sort of person who loves Lemons in any form, and lemonade – particularly homemade – is my idea of heaven in a glass.



I’ve been constantly repeating this quote in my head – and have it written on my wall – ever since I re-watched War and Peace (from March), because It seems to resonate so much with me, brings me hope, and also the right amount of humility. It acts as a subtle, simple reminder of my mortality, and place in the world.

‘We are all nothing compared to this clear, blue, infinite sky’

– Leo Tolstoy




A busy month means less posts unfortunately, but these are actually some of my favourite I’ve ever done – good quality over quantity (I hope). I’m so pleased with the adventure post, so please go and take a look at the pretty pictures. Here are the posts you may have missed from May;


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Ruffles Spring Trend //  S T Y L E

Uprooted Book //  P R E T T Y   T H I N G S



I really want to keep my blog pretty chilled, and light and fun over summer – because that’s just what mood I’m in. Maybe a little less of the involved photo-taking, editing and writing posts, and more simplistic ‘moment’ posts, showing off pretty things, places and thoughts, like this one and this one. I intend to post more frequently as well, as I have a lot of things I want to share with you, and I know I’ll find many more adventures and pretty things I’ll be wanting to post about.

So please please please, if you’re not already, follow this blog (link should be at the bottom of every page when you click the +, or if you in the WordPress reader then it’s a lot simpler!), because I really love it when you can all follow along with my adventures and I prefer to be personal and interactive with people who like to read my blog! (I must tell you that I don’t earn off this blog, so if you’re thinking I’m just asking you to follow because of that, then I’m really not – I genuinely like people to enjoy my content)


What are your favourite things recently? Let me know if you liked this post or it inspired you.

The future is bright,


Jasmine x


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  1. First off your trousers are amazing!! I want a pair! Second, your pictures are beautiful love along with your post its so lovely and cool. The introduction to this post was my favorite part, keep it up;)

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