About Me

Welcome to ‘Flower Named Jasmine’, my lifestyle blog. Here you will find my creations and inspirations.


My Creations

I am a designer; I create. I love to share all the things I make with all of you. My main aspiration is product design, but I also love drawing and painting, photography, general crafting, and even cooking (I was once described as the Picasso of food, I.e a mess but still looks good).

Examples of ‘creations’ posts : Embroidered Organza Japan, I’m Living Dead, Flower Gift Wrap, illustration:Development


My Inspirations

As a designer and creative person I find inspiration everywhere I go. On this blog I share my adventures to different places, products I love, clothes I wear, things I see, and my main quirky post the ‘tea review’ (you will soon learn that I love tea).

Examples of ‘inspirations’ posts : Cambridge In Autumn, English Breakfast, Pale Pinafore, New Art Materials


Who Am I?

Well, I’m basically just another person on the internet! My name is Jasmine, and I’m studying Product Design at Central St Martins, UAL, in London.

I’m a pretentious, British, middle class, white girl who’s basically as privileged as it gets, and has strange views on a lot of things who will definitely ramble on about them while being stuck in her imagined world (oh and I love tea)





I hope you find at least something to interest you on my little blog. I update regularly, about once a week, but fit this around my studies at college. I do this solely for my own enjoyment and to occupy my creative mind, but I’d be delighted if other people gained joy from these digital pages.

Lots of love to all of you, my readers and followers,

Jasmine x


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